Definition of Policy Aggregate Limit

Policy Aggregate Limit means the "Policy Aggregate Limit" as such term is defined in, and determined in accordance with the provisions of, the Reinsurance Agreement.
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Policy Aggregate Limit means $350,000,000.
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Examples of Policy Aggregate Limit in a sentence

Regardless of the number of (a) Certificates issued to form a part of this policy, (b) persons and organizations who are insureds under such Certificates, (c) qualified claims, or (d) years this policy or any such Certificates shall continue in force, the Policy Aggregate Limit is the total liability of the companies for all of their obligations under this policy, including the defense of suits and the payment of damages and claims costs.
This policy provides for certain automatic reinstatements of the Policy Aggregate Limit.
Such claims may be paid by NELIA on behalf of the companies as the claims, in NELIA's discretion, become ready for disposition, and claims costs may be paid as they become due, all without regard to the order in which such claims were made and without any obligation to maintain, reserve or use any portion of the Policy Aggregate Limit for claims reported under any particular Certificate.
If the insured has insurance under a MAELU Policy, whether the insurance is collectible or not, the companies shall then be liable under this policy only for such proportion of loss or expense as the amount stated as the Policy Aggregate Limit in Section VIII of this policy bears to the sum of such amount and the corresponding amount stated in the MAELU Policy.
Thereafter, there shall be no further reinstatement of the Policy Aggregate Limit except by an endorsement issued to form a part of this policy for additional premium as determined by the companies.