Architect Sample Clauses

Architect. Engineer shall provide assistance to Owner through the commissioning consultant/agent for the purpose of advising and counseling Owner’s personnel in the usage, operation and maintenance of the building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.
Architect. 3.1 The Architect shall represent the District during the Project and will observe the progress and quality of the Work on behalf of the District. Architect shall have the authority to act on behalf of District to the extent expressly provided in the Contract Documents and to the extent determined by District. Architect shall have authority to reject materials, workmanship, and/or the Work whenever rejection may be necessary, in Architect’s reasonable opinion, to ensure the proper execution of the Contract Documents.
Architect. The Owner shall retain an Architect to provide services, duties and responsibilities as described in AIA Document B133™–2019, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, Construction Manager as Constructor Edition, including any additional services requested by the Construction Manager that are necessary for the Preconstruction and Construction Phase services under this Agreement. The Owner shall provide the Construction Manager with a copy of the scope of services in the executed agreement between the Owner and the Architect, and any further modifications to the Architect’s scope of services in the agreement.
Architect. The architect(s) that the District designates as being the architect(s) for all or a portion of the Project, including all consultants to the Architect(s).
Architect. 4.1.1 The Architect is the person lawfully licensed to practice Architecture or an entity lawfully practicing Architecture identified as such in the Agreement and is referred to throughout the Contract Documents as if singular in number. The term 'Architect' means the Architect or the Architect's authorized representative.
Architect. The Owner has retained the Architect to provide basic architectural services, including normal structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services, as described in the Owner’s Agreement with the Architect. The Owner shall authorize and cause the Architect to provide those additional services which must necessarily be provided by the Architect for the preconstruction and construction phases of the Work. Such services shall be provided in accordance with time schedules agreed to by the Owner, Architect, and Construction Manager. Upon request of the Construction Manager, the Owner shall furnish to the Construction Manager a copy of the Owner’s agreement with the Architect.
Architect. § 9.1 The Architect will provide administration of the Contract as described in the Contract Documents. The Architect will have authority to act on behalf of the Owner only to the extent provided in the Contract Documents.
Architect. The Architect is a person or entity providing design services for the Design-Builder for all or a portion of the Work, and is lawfully licensed to practice architecture in the applicable jurisdiction. The Architect is referred to throughout the Design-Build Documents as if singular in number.
Architect. The architect listed in the first paragraph of this Agreement, including all Consultants to the Architect.
Architect. The Architect identified in the first paragraph of this Agreement, including all Consultants to the Architect. The term Architect means the Design Professional in General Responsible Charge on this Project.