Clerical Errors Sample Clauses

Clerical Errors. Clerical errors will neither deprive any individual Member of any benefits or coverage provided under this Group Contract nor will such errors act as authorization of benefits or coverage for the Member that is not otherwise validly in force.
Clerical Errors. If a clerical error or other mistake occurs, that error shall not deprive you of coverage under this agreement. A clerical error also does not create a right to benefits.
Clerical Errors. Clerical errors or delays by Us in keeping or reporting data relative to coverage will not reduce or invalidate a Member’s coverage. Upon discovery of an error or delay, an adjustment of Premiums shall be made. We may also modify or replace a Group Agreement, Certificate or other document issued in error.
Clerical Errors. Clerical errors will not change the rights or obligations of either party under this Policy. They also will not grant additional benefits to Members. The parties shall cooperate, in good faith, to promptly correct such errors.
Clerical Errors. If a clerical or administrative error made by the Group or Health Plan results in an eligible person being incorrectly enrolled or not enrolled, then such error will be rectified by the Group and Health Plan within ninety (90) days of the error being found. If the Group’s written notice to add an eligible person is received more than ninety (90) days from the eligible person’s effective date, the Health Plan will only enroll the eligible person a maximum of ninety (90), days, retroactively from the date that the Health Plan received the written notice from the Group. Refunds or payments will be made accordingly by the Group or Health Plan, whichever is applicable. Cost Shares Members must pay or arrange for payment of amounts they owe the Health Plan, Plan Hospitals or Medical Group. The Cost Share is the amount of Allowable Charge for a covered Service and is due at the time the Member receives a Service. Limit on Cost Shares There are limits to the total amount of Cost Shares paid by a Member in a contract year for certain Services covered under this EOC. The Copayment Maximum and the Out-of-Pocket Maximum, if applicable, are provided in the Summary of Services and Cost Shares in the EOC.
Clerical Errors. Clerical errors, whether in mathematical computations or otherwise, made by Buyer on this Order or any other forms delivered to Seller shall be subject to correction without any liability to Buyer.
Clerical Errors. Clerical errors or omissions, whether in computation or otherwise in any quotation acknowledgements or invoice shall be corrected and reissued by TRT.
Clerical Errors. Clerical errors made relative to an employee’s salary or benefit plans will be adjusted, but in such a way as not to prejudice the rights of the employee.
Clerical Errors. Buyer reserves the right to correct all stenographic or clerical errors or omissions in any documents whether in the Order or other documents.
Clerical Errors. Seller reserves the right to correct clerical or stenographic errors in quotations, orders, invoices and other contracts, agreements or documents.