Disease Sample Clauses

Disease. Sudden and unpredictable alteration of health observed by a competent medical authority. Serious illness Sudden and unpredictable alteration of health as detected by a competent medical authority resulting in the issuance of a prescription for the use of medications for the benefit of the patient and involving the cessation of any professional or other activity. Person negative for Covid-19 A person is negative for Covid-19 if an approved medical test attests that he is not infected with Covid- 19 or that he is no longer contagious if she has previously been infected. Person infected or positive with Covid-19 A person is positive for Covid-19 if an approved medical test attests that he is infected with Covid-19, with or without symptoms. Quarantine for disease Isolation of the person, in the event of proven illness, decided by a competent medical authority, for the purpose of avoiding a risk of spreading said illness. Contact case: Persons identified and contacted by their primary care physician, health insurance services or the Regional Health Agency (ARS) as having been in high-risk contact with a person with Covid-19. Gritchen Affinity 00, xxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx CS70139 - 18021 Bourges Cedex xxx.xxxxxxxx.xx
Disease. WE DO NOT INSURE claims arising out of the transmission of a disease by any Insured.
Disease. A clinical or sub-clinical infection cause by one or more aetiological agents as listed in the IOE and IPPC Codes. Feedstuffs: Balanced daily food allowance for animal use. Food: Any substance, whether processed, semi-processed or raw, which is intended for human consumption, and includes drink, chewing gum and any substance which has been used in the manufacture, preparation or treatment of "food" but does not include cosmetics or tobacco or substances used only as drugs. Food Additive: Any substance not normally consumed as a food by itself and not normally used as a typical ingredient of the food, whether or not it has nutritive value, the intentional addition of which to food for a technological (including organoleptic) purpose in the manufacture, processing, preparation, treatment, packing, packaging, transport or holding of such food results, or may be reasonably expected to result, (directly or indirectly) in it or its by-products becoming a component of or otherwise affecting the characteristics of such foods. The term does not include "contaminants" or substances added to food for maintaining or improving nutritional qualities. Food Safety: Quality that ensures that food is free of risk to human health. Goods: Food, animals, plants, their products and by-products, and biological products. Harmonization: The establishment, recognition and application of common Sanitary and Phyto- Sanitary Measures by the Parties. International Standards, Guidelines and Recommendations:
Disease. To the best of Seller’s knowledge, none of the Permanent Plantings carries any disease, fungus, pest or other adverse condition that has the potential to materially affect the production of the Permanent Plantings.
Disease. Great apes are vulnerable to many pathogens that affect humans and also to zoonotic disease epidemics such as Ebola.