Soliciting Sample Clauses

Soliciting. Employee shall not, either during his or her employment with the Company, or for a period of two (2) years immediately thereafter, either directly or indirectly:
Soliciting. No soliciting is allowed by Tenants or anyone else. No door-to-door soliciting is allowed, except with written permission of the Landlord. Tenants are requested to notify Landlord if such solicitors appear on the premises.
Soliciting. Sponsor is prohibited from distributing literature, souvenirs, or other items that are other than Sponsor's own materials, unless Sponsor has obtained ICANN's prior written approval. These prohibitions apply on site at the conference location before, after, or during conference hours. Canvassing in conference halls or distribution of advertising matter, souvenirs, or any other items whatsoever by anyone who is not a paid Sponsor is strictly forbidden.
Soliciting. Soliciting of any type is not permitted, except by individual appointment with TENANT. TENANT should notify Management if any uninvited solicitor appears and appropriate action will be taken.
Soliciting. Door-to-door soliciting by tenant or non-residents is not permitted.