Political Office Sample Clauses

Political Office. Any employee who is elected to a full time Municipal, Provincial or Federal government office shall be granted a leave of absence in order to allow him to fulfil his elected duties.
Political Office. Leaves without pay shall be granted to serve in public office. Such leaves may be granted annually and renewed annually for the length of the term of office.
Political Office. 43.01 An Employee who campaigns as a candidate for public office is expected to carry out campaign activities outside normal work hours. When the College determines that campaign activities interfere with normal working hours or affect an Employee's ability to teach, a leave of absence without pay must be taken for the duration of the campaign.
Political Office. A leave of absence without pay for a period of six weeks will be granted to a teacher, upon request, for the purpose of campaigning for his personal election to public office. A teacher elected or appointed to public political office will be granted, upon request, a leave of absence without pay for additional time to serve one full term in office.
Political Office. 39.01 During the period of active campaigning prior to the day of the Federal or Provincial election the employee must take leave of absence. The period of active campaigning is deemed to commence on the day notice of election is given.
Political Office. The Board shall grant a leave of absence without pay (or increment) of not less than one (1) semester nor more than one (1) year to any faculty member with three (3) or more years of continuous service with the College to campaign personally for or serve in a public office. The member may request an extension of the leave of absence if elected to the State Legislature or Congress.
Political Office. (a) The Employer recognizes the right of an Employee to participate in public affairs. Therefore, upon written request, the Employer shall allow leave of absence without pay so that an Employee may be a candidate in federal, provincial or municipal elections.
Political Office. An employee may apply for an extension of the special leave for an additional year.
Political Office. To ensure that any potential conflicts of interest are addressed in a timely manner, directors and employees should promptly notify the Legal Department if they are either seeking or have been elected/appointed to any political office or other government/public position.
Political Office. Any employee who seeks or is elected to a full time municipal, provincial or federal government office shall be granted a leave of absence in accordance with the current statutory requirements.