Pipes Sample Clauses

Pipes. Not to knowingly allow any oil or grease or any deleterious, objectionable, dangerous, poisonous or explosive substance to be discharged into any Pipes forming part of or serving the Premises and not to cause any obstruction or deposit in them or any damage to them Provided that nothing in this clause shall prohibit any discharge carried out in accordance with any environmental consent or other authorisation in accordance with the Permitted User
Pipes. Not knowingly to overload or obstruct any Pipes or discharge into any Pipes any oil or grease or any noxious or deleterious substance which may cause an obstruction or might be or become a source of danger or which might injure the Pipes or the drainage system of the Premises or the Adjoining Property.
Pipes. Except in accordance with the plans and specifications therefor approved by the ARC, no pipe for the transportation of liquids, slurries or gases shall be installed on any Parcel above the surface of the ground, except hoses and movable pipes used for irrigation or firefighting purposes.
Pipes. Notwithstanding Section 7.02(b)(ii) or anything to the contrary in this Agreement, subject to the prior written consent of the Company (which shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned if the PIPE is a Qualifying PIPE as defined in Schedule 8.17), SPAC shall be permitted to enter into a binding agreement or agreements with a financing source or sources relating to a PIPE transaction or transactions (such agreements, “PIPE Documents”). During the pendency of any negotiations with respect to a PIPE transaction, SPAC shall keep the Company informed on a continuing basis of the status of such negotiations, the identity of proposed financing sources and the proposed terms of such PIPE and shall promptly provide to the Company copies of any indicative or definitive agreements proposed to be entered into by SPAC with respect to a PIPE. Upon and following the entry of SPAC into any PIPE Document, SPAC shall, and shall cause their respective Representatives to, take, or cause to be taken, appropriate action, and to do, or cause to be done, such things as are necessary, proper or advisable to satisfy the conditions under the PIPE Documents to consummate the transactions contemplated by the PIPE Documents to occur. SPAC shall keep the Company promptly apprised of the status of matters relating to the PIPEs.
Pipes. The right to the free passage and running of water sewage surface water drainage gas electricity telecommunications and other services or supplies to and from the Building or any Adjoining Property in and through any of the Pipes which may at any time be in under or passing through or over the Demised Premises
Pipes. To maintain all Pipes within the Serviced Areas but (within the Estate Common Parts) only those Pipes the use of which is shared by the occupiers of more than one building on the Estate
Pipes. To maintain those Pipes within or serving the Car Park.
Pipes. With the exception of hoses and movable pipes used for irrigation, LESSEE shall neither install nor maintain water, gas, sewer, or drainage pipes above the surface of the ground. This restriction does not apply to pipes installed or maintained within structures to be constructed by the LESSEE on the leased premises. ARTICLE II REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS