Pollution Sample Clauses

Pollution. Tenant is responsible for environmental losses. Any pollution legal liability insurance obtained by Tenant shall comply with the requirements for insurance that are stated in this Agreement. If Tenant engages in self-fueling, Tenant shall comply with City’s self-fueling requirements, including, but not limited to, pollution legal liability insurance requirements.
Pollution. Not to permit to be discharged into any pipes or conduits serving the Premises or the Building any oil or grease or any deleterious objectionable dangerous poisonous or explosive matter or substance and to take all reasonable measures to ensure that any effluent so discharged will not be corrosive or otherwise harmful to the said pipes or conduits or cause obstruction or deposit in them.
Pollution. Pollution legal liability insurance of no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) aggregate liability and five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) per occurrence for environmental clean-up costs, transportation of wastes or products, and claims for bodily injury and property damage arising from losses due to pollution conditions covering all aspects of the Premises, the Tenant Improvements, and Tenant’s use, occupancy, and operations at the Airport.
Pollution. Sudden and accidental liability. This coverage shall be provided by the Buyer (3) days prior to vessel departure from the fleet.- $5 Million per occurrence.
Pollution. Port acknowledges that the Consultant is not responsible for the creation or presence of contamination or pollution, if any, at the property except to the extent that such a discharge, release or escape is caused by the negligent act or failure to act of the Consultant.For the purpose of this clause, contamination conditions shall mean the actual or alleged existence, discharge, release or escape of any irritant, pollutant, contaminant, or hazardous substance into or upon the atmosphere, land, groundwater, or surface water of or near the property. The Consultant will promptly notify the Port of contamination conditions, if identified.Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Port does not herein waive any cause of action for damages resulting from the Port’s reliance on any misrepresentation (made either knowingly or negligently) by the Contractor with regard to the presence of any contamination or pollution.
Pollution. The Insurer shall pay that part of loss which relates to defence costs only on behalf of any Insured incurred by any Insured in defending themselves against criminal or regulatory proceedings in respect of Pollution of any kind which results from a wrongful act. This Extension shall not apply to any USA claim.