Provisos Sample Clauses

Provisos. Landlord's right to end this Lease (irritancy)
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Provisos. Provided always and it is hereby agreed and declared as follows:-
Provisos. 7.1 Forfeiture If any of the following events occur:
Provisos. Both Arts University Bournemouth and the Student agree that:-
Provisos. The parties agree and declare the matters set out in the Seventh Schedule hereto.
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Provisos. 1. No daily compensation shall become payable until the total amount thereof has been ascertained and agreed. If, nevertheless, payment were made for daily compensation, the amount so paid shall be in addition to any lump sum becoming payable of the same Accident.
Provisos. If and whenever during the Term the Rent or any part of it is outstanding for fourteen (14) days after becoming due whether formally demanded or not the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord interest on the rent payable at the Interest Rate until payment in full. No liability shall attach in respect of any breach of any positive covenant (other than covenants for the payment of Rent) on the part of the Landlord or the Tenant contained or implied in this Agreement so long as they are prevented from performing the covenant by statutory restrictions, non-availability of labour or materials or matters beyond their control except that if breach of any positive covenant occurs, the Landlord or Tenant as the case may be shall remedy the breach immediately conditions permit and in the event of any breach on the part of the Tenant not having been remedied before the expiration or sooner determination of the Term the Tenant shall forthwith upon the expiration or sooner determination of the Term pay to the Landlord such an amount as is necessary to remedy the breach. If and whenever during the Term the Premises or any part thereof is: - damaged or destroyed by one or more of the Insured Risks; or rendered non-operational or inaccessible for any reason including road improvements and/or construction, so that the Premises or any part thereof is rendered unfit for occupation or use the Landlord shall allow to the Tenant a total or proportionate abatement of the Rent hereby reserved as the case may be. Each of the Tenant's covenants shall remain in full force notwithstanding that the Landlord shall have temporarily waived or released any such covenant. This Agreement embodies the entire understanding of the parties relating to the Premises and to all matters dealt with by any of the provisions of this Agreement. Any notice or communication under or in connection with this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be delivered personally or by post, email to the addresses indicated on the introduction clause herein or to such other address as the recipient may have notified to the other party in writing. Proof of posting or dispatch shall be deemed to be proof of receipt.
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