Phase III Sample Clauses

Phase III. Phase III shall consist of the monitoring of the construction of the Project to ensure that the work is installed in accordance with the requirements of the Construction Documents and all applicable codes and regulations. This phase includes monitoring and management, as appropriate, of all change orders and pay requests, and the implementation of the building assurance program established in the Using Agency’s Program. Major Deliverables: Review/recommendation on GMP Change Order Review/recommendation on Change Orders Review/recommendation on DP invoices Review/recommendation on CM/GC Pay Applications Periodic Construction IAW Design Reviews Periodic Cost Analysis Updates Professional Services: Engineering and design review services Budget and costing services Project management services
Phase III. The Parties pledge as confidence building measures that they shall:
Phase III. The term “Phase III” shall mean an expanded human clinical study in any country on a sufficient number of subjects that is designated to establish that a Product is safe and efficacious for its intended use, and to determine warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, if any, that are associated with Product in the dosage range to be prescribed, which trial is designed to result in regulatory approval of such Product, including all tests, studies, or a similar clinical study prescribed by the regulatory authorities, from time to time, pursuant to applicable law or otherwise including for example trials referred to in 21 C.F.R. 312.21(c).
Phase III. If the Contractor elects to enter Phase III of the Exploration Period, then during such Phase III the Contractor shall drill one (1) well.
Phase III. If GEM elects to participate in Phase III, it shall pay to Indiana Xxxxx, within ten (10) days of receipt by Indiana Xxxxx of GEM’s written election to participate, the sum of Five Hundred Thousand And No/100 Dollars ($500,000.00) as the third and final payment of the initial prospect costs (“Third Prospect Payment”). Said payment shall be via wire transfer of immediately available funds to the banking coordinates identified, in writing by Indiana Xxxxx. Subject to Section 9.16, GEM’s failure to pay timely shall cause this Agreement to terminate and become null and void as between the Parties.
Phase III. The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) process begins. Initially affected employees and/or secondarily affected employees may then exercise their rights under the CBA. The CBA process ends when either (1) the affected employee(s) has a comparable job; or (2) the affected employee(s) choose to waive further contractual displacement rights and enter Phase III.
Phase III. Tenant shall pay Base Rent for Phase III Expansion Premises in accordance with the following: Annual Base Rent Monthly Base Rent 3/1/13 - 2/28/14 $ 197,894.55 $ 16,491.21 3/1/14 - 2/28/15 $ 202,987.05 $ 16,915.59 3/1/15 - 2/28/16 $ 208,079.55 $ 17,339.96 3/1/16 - 2/28/17 $ 213,172.05 $ 17,764.34 3/1/17 - 2/28/18 $ 218,264.55 $ 18,188.71 3/1/18 - 4/30/19 $ 223,357.05 $ 18,613.09 Anything to the contrary notwithstanding, Tenant shall not be required to pay Base Rent or Additional Rent for the first eight (8) months of the Term for Phase III Expansion Premises.
Phase III. Within thirty (30) days following the date on which Celltech first administers any Licensed Product to a human subject in a Phase III Clinical Trial on a Licensed Product, Celltech shall pay NeoGenesis [*]. "Phase III Clinical Trial" shall mean any clinical study in any Major Country of a Licensed Product, the primary purpose of which is evaluating statistical significance of the safety and efficacy of the Licensed Product in patients with the disease target being studied as required by the relevant Regulatory Authority to evaluate the overall benefit-risk relationship of the drug and to provide an adequate basis for physician labeling.
Phase III. As used herein, “Phase III” shall mean Verification of Design, including acceptance testing of LSR Instrument Prototypes.
Phase III. Upon Commencement of the first Phase III trial in the United States, Europe or Japan by SuperGen for the first therapeutic clinical candidate covered under the Licensed Patents, not necessarily restricted to cancer indications, SuperGen will pay to Licensor the sum of one million five hundred thousand U.S. dollars ($1,500,000) in cash or SuperGen stock along with piggyback registration rights therefor. Upon Commencement of Phase III trial in the United States, Europe or Japan by SuperGen for subsequent therapeutic clinical candidates covered under the Licensed Patents, SuperGen will pay to Licensor the sum of seven hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars ($750,000) in cash or SuperGen stock along with piggyback registration rights therefor. In the event SuperGen undertakes a Phase II/III clinical trial , then Commencement of such Phase II/III trial, and not of a Phase III trial, shall trigger the payment described in this section. A Phase II/III trial is defined as a pivotal study in which a therapeutic clinical candidate is being tested in humans for safety and efficacy in an expanded patient population at geographically dispersed clinical sites on the basis of which SuperGen will seek regulatory approval in lieu of a Phase III trial. Determination that a clinical trial is a Phase II/III shall be exclusively by SuperGen after conferring with the appropriate regulatory authority. Commencement (“Commencement”) is defined as the dosing of the first patient under a protocol involving a therapeutic clinical candidate covered under the Licensed Patents, not necessarily restricted to cancer indications.