Phase 2 Sample Clauses

Phase 2. Phase 2 is expected to consist of Member Nodes and a select number of Nodes operated by non-Members. The non-Member Nodes will be required to comply with Node hosting terms as set forth by the Council, which may be amended from time to time (the “General Node Terms”).
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Phase 2. Xxxxx 0, Xxxxxx to Non-Market, consists of the continuation of all Phase 1 elements (except those that have been completed or due to other circumstances cannot be continued) and, in addition, may consist of the following elements:
Phase 2. The SSA Onsite Certification is a formal security review conducted by SSA, or on its behalf, to examine the full suite of management, operational, and technical security controls implemented by the EIEP to safeguard data obtained from SSA electronically (refer to The Certification Process). (THE REST OF THIS PAGE HAS BEEN LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY)
Phase 2. This phase will have a duration of not less than 90 days and will include the following:
Phase 2. Setting the circular flocking configuration This phase is a pre-processing phase for forming the final motion pattern. Starting from the final configuration of Algorithm 10.1 the curent phase reaches a circular flocking configuration as shown in Figure 6. The circular shape has the following caracteristics: Leader is inside the SEC (the one computed by Algorithm 10.1) and all the other robots are disposed on the SEC border. These robots are placed as follows: R1 is in the position SEC ∩ [O, Leader) and R2 is on the opposite side of the SEC. The other robots are disposed on the quarter of circle around
Phase 2. The second phase of the Training ("Phase 2") shall be ------- provided for up to three (3) Trainees who have mastered the skills taught in Phase 1, will last for up to two (2) weeks, and may be conducted with trainees from other countries. Phase 2 will commence within ninety (90) calendar days after the end of Phase 1. Phase 2 shall cover the following topics:
Phase 2. 18.9.1. The Department will review and amend therapist role descriptions to align with the HP stream, taking into account the duties, accountabilities and responsibilities in consultation with the Union.
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Phase 2. The Global Fund may decide, in its sole discretion, to extend the Program Term beyond the Phase 1 Ending Date and commit funding for Phase 2 of the Program (a “Phase 2 Approval”). If the Global Fund issues a Phase 2 Approval, the parties shall execute an amendment to this Agreement and the “Program Term” shall be extended to the Phase 2 Ending Date (indicated in block 7 the face sheet of this Agreement) or any other date specified by the Global Fund in its Phase 2 Approval.
Phase 2. 2.1 Description & Scope In this phase, POSCO Power/POSCO Affiliate and FCE will jointly develop the next-generation BOP for one of the DFC products, either sub-MW or MW-class, as determined jointly by FCE and POSCO Power/POSCO Affiliate. Technology, information, and know-how related to the BOP for DFC products which are actively being developed under this phase, as well as those which are not actively being developed will be made available as set forth below. Considering resource constraints of both parties and market demands, FCE and POSCO Power/POSCO Affiliate shall determine the scope of their co-development efforts by mutual agreement. This phase work will be aimed at the co-development of a new BOP design which is intended to meet or exceed the FCE cost, performance and quality targets for the next generation of DFC products.
Phase 2. Promptly after the occurrence of the target date identified in the Project Plan for commercial viability of either or both of:
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