Treaties Sample Clauses

Treaties. Any treaty ratified by the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina between January 1, 1992 and the entry into force of this Constitution shall be disclosed to Members of the Presidency within 15 days of their assuming office; any such treaty not disclosed shall be denounced. Within six months after the Parliamentary Assembly is first convened, at the request of any member of the Presidency, the Parliamentary Assembly shall consider whether to denounce any other such treaty. Declaration On Xxxxxx Xx Xxx Xxxxxxxx Xx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxxxxxx The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina approves the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Annex 4 to the General Framework Agreement.
Treaties. ARTICLE 99. From the coming into force of the present Treaty and subject to the provisions thereof, the multilateral treaties, conventions and agreements of an economic or technical character enumerated below shall enter again into force between Turkey and those of the other Contracting Powers party thereto:
Treaties to implement uniform law figure among agreements of this kind’ (Simma, supra note 4, at 823–4). 114 Decision by the Arbitrators, European CommunitiesRegime for the Importation, Sale and Distribution of BananasRecourse to Arbitration by the European Communities under Article 22.6 of the DSU, WT/DS27/ARB/ECU, 24 March 2000. 115 For a bilateral analysis of, for example, the TRIPS agreement see X. Xxxx, ‘The Economics of International Agreements and Dispute Settlement with IPRs’, paper presented at the Duke Conference on International Public Goods and Transfer of Technology, 4–6 April 2003. 116 Commentary, supra note 37, at 297. 117 Xxxxxxxx, Third Report, supra note 26, at 88. type norms in the interest of some ‘global common’, transcending the sum total of individual interests of states concerned.118 Although such obligations are, therefore, not genuinely collective in nature — yet the author recognizes that this position, in particular, is subject to debate and may need to be adapted in light of future developments — it remains that most (though not necessarily all) breaches of these regulatory-type obligations will, indeed, affect the individual rights of most and often all WTO Members and, therefore, in most cases a large number of WTO Members will have standing to challenge breach. One could even go as far as saying that these more recent WTO obligations are collective in nature when it comes to rules on standing, so that all parties will be permitted to xxx for any breach in the general interest. However, when assessing whether all parties are necessarily affected in their individual rights, the answer remains in the negative. As a result, a bilateral suspension of these obligations (be it as a multilaterally authorized sanction, say, the suspension of patents of nationals from one particular country, or based on a subsequent treaty) may be permissible since it could still be tailored so as to affect only the individual rights of the specific parties concerned (although this will be far more difficult to achieve for such regulatory-type obligations as opposed to, for example, tariff or non-discrimination obligations). Even if, following this argument, all parties may be allowed to xxx for breach in the general interest, some parties may be specifically affected and those parties will control the legality or permissibility of the breach. Once they have agreed to it, or otherwise waived their rights, the general interest that allowed other parties t...
Treaties. ARTICLE 2I7. From the coming into force of the present Treaty and subject to the provisions thereof, the multilateral Treaties, Conventions and Agreements of an economic or technical character concluded by the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and enumerated below and in the subsequent Articles shall alone be applied as between Hungary and those of the Allied and Associated Powers party thereto:
Treaties. 3 of 1 January 2001 (proposal of amendments byPortugal to annexes A and B, as amended) and C.N.282.2001.TREATIES-1(Reissued) of 17 April 2001 (acceptance of the amendments); C.N.870.2001.TREATIES-4 of 18 September 2001 (proposal of corrections to the amendments to annexes A and B, as amended) and C.N.1454.
Treaties. 1.1 Definition p31
Treaties. 1.1 The Author and the Edition of the journalScientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics” (further – Edition), represented by the Editor-in-Chief X. Xxxxxxxxx.
Treaties conventions, and all other international agreements of any nature existing between Denmark and the United States shall eo ipso extend, in default of a provision to the contrary, also to the ceded islands.
Treaties. For the avoidance of doubt and the sake of clarity, under the current INTELSAT Treaty and the current rules of the International Telecommunications Union ("ITU"), there are no provisions that would permit INTELSAT or the ITU, as organizations, to order a delay in the launch of the Orion 3 satellite.