PCU Sample Clauses

PCU. (a) The Borrower shall maintain within the MINEDUB the PCU, in a form and with functions and resources satisfactory to the Association, and with the following staff with qualifications and experience acceptable to the Association: a project coordinator, a technical coordinator, a financial management specialist, an accountant and a procurement specialist.
PCU. (a) The Borrower shall maintain the PCU, in a form and with functions satisfactory to the Association, until the completion of the Project.
PCU. (a) The Recipient shall maintain a PCU under the supervision of IRIC in a form and with functions, staffing and resources satisfactory to the Association until the completion of the Project. PCU shall consist of a number of key staff, appointed in accordance with the provisions of Section III of Schedule 2 to this Agreement, including a Project coordinator, a finance director, a procurement specialist and an accountant. PCU shall be responsible for, in particular, the implementation of Part C.3 of the Project, and in general: (i) the management of Project funds; (ii) installation and maintenance of sound financial and accounting procedures; (iii) procurement activities; (iv) reporting to the Recipient and the Association; (v) organizing quarterly reviews of the Project and reporting to IRIC; and (vi) ensuring coordination of all training activities.
PCU. ⎯ coordinating the actions taken by the PIO in implementing the Project, including those taken to comply with the LA&RAP, ⎯ submitting the draft LA&RAP to the World Bank in order to obtain the ‘no objection
PCU. Within DPF, the already established PCU headed by the Deputy Director General of the DPF as HSDP Director shall serve as Project PCU. The PCU shall comprise three (3) deputy directors, two (2) administration officers, and one (1) private firm for accounting services and shall be responsible for (i) Project coordination; (ii) preparing and managing the Project annual plan and budget; (iii) providing guidance to NIAs and PIAs;
PCU. The PCU shall be established by the Lead Project Agency and managed by the Project Director. The PCU shall be responsible and accountable for the management of the Project and the achievement of its results. It shall be an autonomous entity reporting to the NPSC, and will be located in Nay Pyi Taw. Its structure shall reflect Project Components and investments, and it shall enjoy a certain level of financial autonomy in order to fulfil its mandate. The PCU shall consist of three (3) units: (i) the Administration Office responsible for financial management, accounting, procurement and contracting, headed by a Financial Manager; (ii) the Investment Office responsible for investment activities, consisting of a Rural Finance Specialist and an Irrigation/Water Management Specialist; and (iii) the Capacity Building Office responsible for mobilizing communities and strengthening their organizations, consisting of a Community/Gender Specialist.
PCU. During the term of this Agreement, the Employer shall transition more critically ill patients to the PCU. The Employer shall provide education and training to allow the PCU nurses to care for these patients.
PCU. (a) the Borrower shall cause MARD to assign the responsibility of overall management of Project implementation to the PCU, acting within the Foundation for Assistance Programs for Agriculture of MARD, and shall maintain the PCU until the completion of the Project with resources, staff, facilities and under terms of reference satisfactory to the Borrower and the Bank.
PCU a. coordinating actions taken by the PIU as part of the Project implementation, also with respect to the implementation of LA&RAP provisions,