Grant Agreements Sample Clauses

Grant Agreements. Equity Awards will be governed by separate agreements, and in the event of any inconsistency between such separate agreements and the terms of this Agreement (including, but not limited to this Agreement's Section 4.6 covering vesting on termination), this Agreement shall govern and control. For avoidance of doubt, nothing in the preceding sentence shall be construed to limit the application of any provision of such separate agreements that expressly refers to and incorporates a provision of this Agreement.
Grant Agreements. One of the following clauses shall govern expenditures for personal, professional or consulting services pursuant to grant contracts. If grant contract does not involve federal money, the following clause shall apply to this Agreement. “The Contractor shall cause to be performed, in accordance with auditing standards prescribed by the Controller of the Treasury of the State of Tennessee, an audit of all its program(s) funder by this contract; provided, however, that any contract for such audit shall be subject to prior approval of the Comptroller of the Treasury of the State of Tennessee, and must be submitted on the standard contract to audits accountspublished by the Controller of the Treasury. The audit may include and be combined with an audit of other programs of the Contractor, and the existence of more than one contract between the Contractor and any agency of the State of Tennessee shall not necessitate more than one (1) audit of the Contractor’s programs to be performed every two (2) years.” If grant contract does involve federal money, the following clause shall apply to this Agreement: Within thirty (30) days following written request by the University, Contractor shall make available for inspection and/or audit any and all records related to its performance under this Agreement, which shall include any exceptions noted on the audit. Said records are subject to inspection and audit by representatives of the University and the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury or the Comptroller’s duly appointed representative during reasonable business hours throughout the term of this Agreement and for the three (3) years immediately following the University’s final payment, Contractor agrees to retain any and all records associated with this Agreement until such time as any disputes arising therefrom are resolved. All audits disallowances under this Agreement shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. Contractor acknowledges that it is aware of and agrees to comply with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133 or A-128 as appropriate. Contractor agrees to provide University with audit information attesting to the fact that Contractor’s records covering the period of this Agreement have been audited in accordance with OMB Circular A-133or A-128, whichever is appropriate. Contractor agrees to notify University in writing if at any time during the period of this Agreement it is no longer in compliance with Circular A-133 or A-128 as appropri...
Grant Agreements. CONTRACTOR will comply with all federal and state funding contracts under which the COUNTY is a Grantee that apply to the services performed under this AGREEMENT and said grant provisions are a part of this AGREEMENT as if fully set forth herein. CONTRACTOR may request a copy of any pertinent grant agreement.
Grant Agreements. The Department and the Urban Partner agree to negotiate a grant agreement (or a series of grant agreements) that would reflect the following terms and conditions:
Grant Agreements. The Lessee hereby confirms its acceptance of all Grant Agreements, including the assurances contained therein. The Lessee and the Authority agree that the Grant Agreements and the assurances required for the granting by the FAA of exemptions under 49 U.S.C. § 47134 create third-party beneficiary rights of the Secretary and the FAA and the Secretary of Homeland Security and TSA in this Agreement with respect to the LMM Airport Facility enforceable by the Secretary and the FAA in administrative or judicial legal proceedings. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, and in accordance with the statutory objectives of 49 U.S.C. § 47134 and the regulations promulgated thereunder, the Secretary and the FAA are hereby granted all right, title and interest in, to and under this Agreement as third-party beneficiaries of the Lessee’s obligations with respect to those items set forth in Section 3.4(a) and the Grant Agreements in order to ensure that the statutory objectives of 49 U.S.C. § 47134 are satisfied. The Authority agrees that it will carry out the terms of all Grant Agreements relating to property or activities that are not part of the LMM Airport Facility.
Grant Agreements. For each Approved Research Project which has been approved by the Research Board pursuant to Section 5, enter into a Grant Agreement with the Research Consortium’s Lead Research Institution, pursuant to the requirements described in Section 7, which shall be amended from time to time as required by Sections 6.3.3 and 6.4.
Grant Agreements. The parties acknowledge that the Leased Premises and the Airport are subject to the terms of those certain sponsor's assurances made to guarantee the public use of the Airport as incidental to grant agreements between Lessor and the United States of America as amended, and that this Agreement is subordinate to those obligations.
Grant Agreements. The 0000 XXXx and the 2013 PRSUs will otherwise be governed by all provisions of the Omnibus Plan and by separate agreements in the usual form approved by the Committee.
Grant Agreements. Grant agreements to fund PPA Covered Costs (“Grant Agreements”) shall include, inter alia, provisions covering reports to the CPAF, disbursement timing, disbursement conditions, payment mechanics, access, cooperation and other matters as shall be agreed. In connection with the initial grant, the CPAF and the Ministry shall seek to agree on a form of Grant Agreement that can serve as a model for subsequent agreements. The CPAF, the Agency and the Ministry expect the provisions of the initial Grant Agreement to be based on the provisions outlined in Annex E.
Grant Agreements. 5. The Recipient shall cause the AWSB to: