Pay Dates Sample Clauses

Pay Dates a. At the teacher’s option, he/she will receive his/her contracted salary in twenty-one (21) or twenty-six (26) paychecks. Enrollment in and withdrawal from pay options is continuous. Said changes must be made by the individual teacher no later than the Friday preceding the first pay of the contract year, or when a teacher signs his/her individual teacher contract, whichever comes first.
Pay Dates. Pay dates shall be on the fifteen (15th) and the last day of each month.
Pay Dates. Employees shall be paid twice each month and any employee who is laid off or terminated shall be paid all monies due on the next following payday. All employees shall be paid on the 10th and 25th day of each month. If the 10th or 25th day of the month falls on a holiday or weekend period, the employees shall be paid on the last business day prior to that period.
Pay Dates. Basic salaries of teachers shall be paid in either twenty-one (21) or twenty-six (26) pays, with the first and last pays being adjusted and the other pays being equal. New employees or employees that elect to receive 21 pays the previous year shall have the option of receiving twenty-seven (27) pays with the first pay prorated for the number of days the employee has worked.
Pay Dates. All bargaining unit employees shall be paid on a monthly basis on the last College business day (Monday - Friday) of each month, unless otherwise established by the Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO. All bargaining unit employees will be paid 1/12 of their total academic year contract each month regardless of contract length (9, 10, 11 or 12 month).
Pay Dates. ‌ Employees contracted to work for twelve (12) months will be paid on a twenty-six (26) check per year basis. Twelve (12) month employees are paid up to date, with adjustments for absences or overtime adjusted two (2) weeks in arrears. Pay date for other than twelve (12) month employees will be the first pay date after their return to duty, provided two (2) weeks have passed, and bi- weekly thereafter.
Pay Dates. 31.01 All Classified Employees salaries shall be calculated over twenty-four (24) equal pay dates.