Objectives of this Agreement Sample Clauses

Objectives of this Agreement. The purpose of this Agreement is to define, in the context of the resource inputs provided, the targets by which the performance of the Garda Síochána Inspectorate will be measured in 2021. The ongoing supports that the Department of Justice will provide to the Inspectorate in this regard, and the mechanisms for monitoring and appraising performance, form part of the overall governance arrangements between the two parties and as such are set out in the separate but complementary Oversight Agreement 2020- 21.
Objectives of this Agreement. The objectives of this agreement are as follows:
Objectives of this Agreement. The public sector is a major employer in the State and provides a service that affects the daily lives of all Queenslanders. The parties are committed to an effective public sector, delivering quality services to Queenslanders to support the Government’s priorities and obligations to the community. The public sector will strive for improvements in service delivery, improved efficiency and effectiveness of its operations and activities.
Objectives of this Agreement. 3.1 The objectives of this Agreement are:
Objectives of this Agreement. The objective of this Agreement is to create greater flexibility in employment practices within the workplace and to provide employees with greater employment security, certainty of remuneration and entitlements, and workplace flexibility. This Agreement is designed to: ▪ create a harmonious work environment based on mutual trust and understanding; ▪ increase efficiency and productivity through the development and effective utilisation of employee skills; ▪ provide high standards of workplace health and safety; and ▪ ensure that the principles of equal opportunity in employment are applied and that any discrimination, harassment and vilification is excluded from the workplace.
Objectives of this Agreement. The parties recognise that the success of the Waterways Authority depends on a commitment by all staff to the achievement of the Authority's Corporate Plan. In this regard, this Agreement establishes, among other things, processes to facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the Corporate Plan. It is the intention of the parties to this Agreement to continue to implement workplace reform measures, which provide greater flexibility in the way that work is organised and performed. The parties also aim to improve the efficiency, productivity and level of service delivery, to widen the skill and experience base of staff, enhance job satisfaction and assist positively to ensure the Authority is a best practice performer. The parties to this Agreement support the Government’s strategic direction towards "NSW the digital State" and reaffirm their commitment to the use of new technology and new work practices. The Parties are committed to a process of continuous improvement and the delivery of high standards of quality service to the Authority's customers by meeting agreed performance standards. These objectives will be pursued by the identification of key performance areas and the setting of productivity targets in the Waterways Authority Corporate Plan and in the respective business unit plans. The Authority re-affirms its commitment to: Continual improvement and quality practices. A more participative style of management and the encouragement of staff involvement in the running of their part of the business and on product teams and other ad hoc committees. Also by the development of work teams or natural work groups that contribute to the overall process of continuous improvement. This could involve the development and trial of new methods, processes and procedures. Jobs designed in a holistic manner to provide more satisfaction for the staff and a capacity to provide better client service. Improved communication, recognition and feedback at all levels within the organisation. The creation of a learning organisation which encourages both individual and organisational skills development and growth. A performance-based culture that links employees’ efforts to the objectives of the Corporate Plan. The nurturing of a work environment built on equity, open communication, integrity and which values the individual. A safe, healthy and harassment free work environment. The Authority, its staff and unions support a harmonious industrial relations environment typif...
Objectives of this Agreement. USM and ABC shall endeavour to assist and support each other in the collaboration for the following projects:- joint investigations effort into ……………………….; joint participation in the ………………………………; and any other projects that shall be mutually identified and agreed by both Parties at a later stage.
Objectives of this Agreement. To promote the easy transition of qualified students from Dutchess Community College to the following upper-division programs at Upstate Medical University: Medical Imaging Radiography (X-ray), BS Medical Imaging Sciences/Ultrasound, BS Medical Technology, BS Medical Biotechnology, BS Radiation Therapy, BS Respiratory Therapy, BS • To provide specific information for students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate or a graduate professional degree at SUNY Upstate Medical University. • To attract qualified students to Dutchess Community College and SUNY Upstate Medical University. • To encourage academic coordination and faculty/administrative interaction, including curricular exchanges between Dutchess Community College and SUNY Upstate Medical University. • To exchange information on the success and failures of the transfer program.
Objectives of this Agreement. 2.1 TIS is a real-time traffic information system for international and domestic passenger and freight trains designed, developed and operated by RNE. TIS consists of hardware and software components which form the central system. Front-end applications are distributed to, and executed by, the TIS-Users. RNE is responsible for the operation of TIS subject to the terms of this Agreement, but cannot verify in each case the quality, correctness, completeness or timing of the Data stored in the TIS.
Objectives of this Agreement. (a) The over-arching objective of this Agreement is to provide schools with agreed arrangements to focus on student learning outcomes and the delivery of educational services whilst enhancing the employment relationship, conditions of employment and work environment for Teacher Aides. The Parties agree that consultation with Teacher Aides by school management is a feature of this Agreement.