NMAC Sample Clauses

NMAC. We understand that we must retain or hire a Licensed School Business Manager as soon as financial feasible and, thereafter, notify the New Mexico Public Education Commission within 30 days of hiring and/or changing in a Licensed School Business Manager for the school, and a new, signed “Affidavit of Financial Custodian” must be submitted. We understand that we must submit an Affidavit of Governing Body Member to the Public Education Commission within 60 days of a change in membership of our governing body. THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS OF THE Dził Xxxx’xxx School of Empowerment, Action & Perseverance (DEAP) GIVE THE FOREGOING STATEMENT THIS 2nd DAY OF December, 2021.
NMAC. The determination shall be made in compliance with all applicable requirements of 34 CFR Sec. 300.306. (b) The public agency must provide a copy of the evaluation report and the documentation of determination of eligibility to the parent. FIT PROVIDER XXX XXXX START OTHER The Special Education Director (or designee) will provide a copy of the evaluation report and the documentation of the eligibility determination to the parent(s) and, with parental consent, a copy of this documentation to the FIT Family Service Coordinator if in attendance at the meeting. If the FIT Provider is unable to attend the meeting, the LEA will mail copies of the Evaluation Report and documentation of eligibility. INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAM (IEP) DEVELOPED
NMAC. The determination shall be made in compliance with all applicable requirements of 34 CFR Sec. 300.306. (b) The public agency must provide a copy of the evaluation report and the documentation of determination of eligibility to the parent. “Child with a disability” means a child who meets all requirements of 34 CFR Sec. 300.8 and who: (a) is aged 3 through 21 or will turn 3 at any time during the school year; (b) Has been evaluated in accordance with 34 CFR Secs. 300.304-300.311 and any additional requirements of these or other public education department rules and standards and as having one or more of the disabilities specified in 34 CFR Sec. 300.8 including intellectual disability; a hearing impairment including deafness; a speech or language impairment; a visual impairment including blindness; emotional disturbance; orthopedic impairment; autism; traumatic brain injury and other health impairment; a specific learning disability; deaf-blindness; or being developmentally delayed as defined in NMAC and who has not received a high school diploma; and (c) at the discretion of each local educational agency and subject to the additional requirements of Subsection 2 of Paragraph F of NMAC, the term “child with a disability” may include a child aged 3 through 9 who is evaluated as being developmentally delayed and who, because of that condition, needs special education and related services. ( (19) NMAC as authorized by 34 CFR §§ 300.8 and 300.39, “special education” in New Mexico may include speech-language pathology services.) ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION TEAM MEETING CONTINUED FIT PROVIDER XXX XXXX START OTHER
NMAC. The Lessee shall continue to comply with the existing mine development plan until the Commissioner approves the modification. The Commissioner may refuse to approve any modification that the Commissioner determines is not in the best interest of the trust.
NMAC. All personal identifiers shall be redacted and not disclosed publicly by the CSD or the Commission unless compelled to do so.
NMAC. Pre-NMAC History: The material in this part was derived from that previously filed with the State Records Center and Archives under: SLO Rule 19, Relating to Recreational Access to State Trust Lands, filed 08/13/90. SLO Rule 19, Amendment No. 1, filed 11/04/91.
NMAC. The PROVIDER may not employ any person who has been excluded from the Medicare or Medicaid Program.
NMAC. Current patients are covered persons who have a claim with Presbyterian Health Plan (PHP)/PIC related to the provider's services within the past year, or who have received a pre-authorization prior to termination to use the provider's services at a future time. PHP/PIC will assist such affected covered persons in locating and transferring to another similarly qualified provider. A covered person may not be held financially liable for services received from the provider in good faith between the effective date of the suspension or termination and the receipt of notice provided to the covered person, if the covered person has not received comparable notice during this time from the provider. We do not require our In-network Practitioners/Providers to comply with any specified numbers, targeted averages, or maximum duration of patient visits. Presbyterian does not discriminate against any health care provider who is acting within the scope of their license or certification under applicable State law. Out-of-Network Practitioners/Providers Out-of-network Practitioners/Providers are healthcare Practitioners/Providers, including non- medical facilities, who have not entered into an agreement with us to provide Healthcare Services to PHP Members. Covered Healthcare Services obtained from an Out-of-network Practitioner/Provider or outside the Service Area will not be Covered unless such services are not reasonably available from an In-network Practitioner/Provider or in cases of an emergency. You will not pay higher or additional Cost-Sharing amounts under such circumstances. These provisions also apply to Telehealth services. If you pay a non-participating Provider more than the In-network Cost Sharing amount for services provided under circumstances giving rise to a surprise bill, the non-participating provider must refund to you within 45 calendar days or receipt of payment from Presbyterian any amount paid in excess of the In-network Cost Sharing amount. In accordance with the hearing procedures established pursuant to the Patient Protection Act [Chapter 59A, Article 57 XXXX 0000], you may appeal Presbyterian’s determination made regarding a surprise bill. Services provided by an Out-of-network Practitioner/Provider, except Emergency services, require that your PCP request and obtain written approval (Authorization) from our Medical Director BEFORE services are rendered. Otherwise, you may be responsible for payment. Please refer to the Prior Authorization Sec...
NMAC d. If a Vendor wishes to challenge any eligibility determination under this rule, it may appeal to the Director, whose determination will be final and not subject to further appeal;