SCREENS Sample Clauses

SCREENS. Lessees agree they will not remove screens from window or throw anything out of windows at any time.
SCREENS. Are located in the line between the scum gutter and the balance tank to collect all large floating or suspended matter such as grass, cloth, ice cream sticks, etc. Another screen is situated between the balance tank and the main circulating pump to prevent foreign matter getting into the pump. All screens should be cleaned regularly. Depending on the pool loading it may be necessary to do this every hour, it is important that these screens be cleaned at least daily.
SCREENS. 2.1.1 For interconnection of a proposed Customer-owned renewable generation system to a radial distribution circuit, the aggregated generation, including the proposed Customer- owned renewable generation, on the circuit shall not exceed 15 % of the line section annual peak load as most recently measured at the substation. A line section is that portion of FPL’s electric system connected to a Customer bounded by automatic sectionalizing devices or the end of the distribution line.
SCREENS. The CONTRACTOR shall ensure that, to the extent possible, within six months of enrollment or within six months of a charge in the standard, asymptomatic members receive and are current for at least the following preventative screening services. Current is defined as no more than four months overdue. The CONTRACTOR shall require its providers to perform the appropriate interventions based on the results of the screening.
SCREENS. Motors shall be equipped with suitable corrosion resistant safety and rodent screens. Said screens shall not interfere with motor cooling or motor heat dissipation.
SCREENS. A screen shall be used for all auditions. All applicants will perform behind the screen for all rounds of the audition, including the finals.
SCREENS. In consideration for Aurora's development of *** Screens each year during the Collaboration Period, Allelix shall pay to Aurora *** , in *** installments. The first payment shall be made on the Effective Date, and subsequent payments shall be paid to Aurora no later than *** to which such payment pertains.
SCREENS. In the event a major repair to the premises must be made which will necessitate the TENANT'S vacating the premises, LANDLORD may at its option terminate this agreement and TENANT agrees to vacate the premises holding LANDLORD harmless for any damages suffered if any. TENANT shall notify LANDLORD immediately of any maintenance needed or repair in writing. TENANT agrees that they shall immediately test each smoke detector and shall maintain same. In the event there is a garbage disposal on the premises, LANDLORD has the option to remove the garbage disposal if it fails and re-plumb accordingly. TENANT is responsible for replacing dead light bulbs. In the event the light bulbs cannot be replaced with the same type of bulb due to law changes and lack of availability, TENANT agrees to replace the bulbs with an equivalent wattage CFL or LED bulb. In the event the refrigerator has a water filter, TENANT shall be responsible for purchasing and changing the water filter, as needed. In the event the TENANT is responsible for paying for LP/Propane gas, TENANT shall pay the fees and costs associated with the rental of the tank. If any plumbing issues result from TENANT and/or guests flushing anything into the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper, TENANT shall be responsible for any costs or charges incurred. ALL NON-EMERGENCY REPAIR REQUESTS FROM TENANT MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING. FOR AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY REPAIRS CALL 000-000-0000 – CHOOSE OPTION “EMERGENCY REPAIRS”, IF MANAGED BY REALTY UNLIMITED. REPAIRS: TENANT understands and agrees that the property, equipment and fixtures will be under LANDLORD'S control and agrees to keep said property, equipment and fixtures in a clean, sightly and sanitary condition. Management will make necessary repairs to property with reasonable promptness after receipt of written notice from TENANT for major deficiencies which create unsafe or untenable conditions. Major deficiencies are those requiring repairs to the property's structure or to the following systems: electrical, plumbing, heating, built in cooling and built in appliances. TENANT shall be responsible for the cost incurred for a service call and/or repair under the following conditions: (i) no problem was discovered (ii) the problem was the direct cause of TENANT'S negligence/ or (iii) the problem was for an area which TENANT was responsible for in this agreement. TENANT shall make or cause to be made all incidental repairs other than above (such as: light bul...
SCREENS. [NRS 118A.310] Landlord is NOT responsible for the maintenance of existing screens or the installation of new screens. Tenant may install or replace screens at Tenant’s own expense. Screens, once installed by Tenant, become a part of the Premises. R. OUTDOOR COOKING: [NRS 118A.320] Outdoor cooking with a portable barbecuing equipment is prohibited within ten (10) feet of any overhang, balcony or opening. The storage and/or use of any barbecuing equipment is prohibited indoors, above the first floor and within five (5) feet of any exterior building wall.
SCREENS. Remove window screens. A fee of $75 will be assessed for the replacement or reattachment of individual screens.