Nationally Sample Clauses

Nationally. Develop professional management capacity in all new 13 National Parks created in 2002; • Legislative enforcementDevelopment of a national strategy for the sustainable use of wildlife resourcesDeveloping measures for the conservation of primates in forest concessions under sustainable management • Large scale information and education campaigns needed to inform citizens of the decline and endangered status of gorillas and attract their attention to the wildlife protection laws. • Further population surveys.
Nationally. Increase law enforcement: Control hunting and bushmeat trade • International research on Ebola virus nationally and internationally • Further political commitmentLong term sustainable funding mechanismsCapacity buildingImproved information on gorillas populations size and distributionLarge scale information and education campaigns. • Improve conservation status of Mbaéré-Bodingué area, in Ngotto forest • A corridor connecting Mbaéré - Bodingué and Dzanga - Ndoki must be negotiated with logging companies
Nationally. Building capacity for environmental law enforcement in particular anti-poaching and logging regulation; • Improving relevant national and provincial legislation, including designation of protected areas. • Education and awareness development at governmental, nongovernmental organisation and community level throughout Cabinda, especially in and around the Mayombe forest; • Census of the Mayombe Forest in Cabinda to identify viable populations of gorillas and connectivity; • Effective law enforcement to halt commercial hunting (there is a strong ape bushmeat and pet-trade to the military and to illegal networks in Luanda and the neighboring countries, Republic of Congo and DRC). Wildlife protection laws are not sufficiently enforced either inside or outside PAs, and poaching, harvesting and settlements inside PAs all occur regularly. Wildlife products are sold openly in markets in Luanda and throughout the country. • Awareness campaign aiming at soldiers, police, resident communities, accompanied by measures to encourage and enable local people to achieve sustainable livelihoods; • Continued consultation process with resident communities; • Financial and technical support to the development of alternative sustainable livelihoods, and Human-Wildlife-Conflict mitigation; • In the long-term, support to eco-tourism development
Nationally. Three areas have been identified by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife as priorities for protection in the Congolian lowland evergreen forest of the extreme southeast Cameroon: Boumba-Bek NP and wildlife Reserve, Lobéké NP and Nki NP. Better demarcation of existing PA boundaries would help in the fight against illegal logging. • Better coordinated research and monitoring on gorillas distributions and populations throughout Cameroon • Large scale information and education campaigns needed to inform Cameroonians of the endangered status of gorillas and attract their attention to the wildlife protection laws.
Nationally. Increase law enforcement, anti-poaching brigades in forest concessions • Increase effective surveillance of Protected Areas (PAs) • Develop a monitoring system for illegal activities concerning gorillasUndertake more research into the status, distribution and biology of gorillas • Improve coordination of research and monitoring of gorilla distributions and populations, improve disease (particularly Ebola virus) epidemiology throughout Congo. • Increase research on vaccines and ways to vaccinate people and wild apes against Ebola virus. • Develop a national policy on tourism, and promote local ecotourism • Develop alternative sources of income for rural communitiesCreate an autonomous wildlife and PA management agency. • Undertake large-scale information and education campaigns needed to inform Congolese people of the endangered status of gorillas and attract their attention to the wildlife protection laws.
Nationally. If it is the policy of the Federal Government of Canada to end this section 87 exemption in 12 years, then go ahead and do it. We understand that you do in fact have that power. And, if this is the policy, we will leave the new National Chief, Mr. Fontaine, to deal with it. It is too big an issue for us.
Nationally the Intra-city Transport Settlements will provide £4.2bn of funding (over five years) for transport infrastructure and will succeed Transforming Cities Funding. To date, a national allocation of £50m (nationally) has been made available to allow for programmes to be sufficiently developed / prepared before the settlements are finalised; expected to be around summer 2021.
Nationally jobs fell 7.5% over the same period, with jobs in Victoria falling 8.6%, New South Wales 7.4% and South Australia 7.8%.