Large Scale definition

Large Scale means a proposal that contains more than 50 units or, a proposal that contains a non-residential gross floor area exceeding 2,000 square metres or, a proposal that contains a mixture of units and non-residential uses exceeding 2,000 square metres of gross floor area;
Large Scale means large scale having regard to the number of data subjects, volume or range of data being processed, duration or permanence of the activity and geographical extent;
Large Scale means >100 MW per plant per year. Other PV scaling factors include the following: b = −0.07 (Bruton and Woodock, 1997), b = −0.09 (Rohatgi, 2003), b = −0.12

Examples of Large Scale in a sentence

  • The Company shall have the right before the Maturity Date to pay in cash all or any portion of the Principal Amount, in full or in part, and from time to time, upon written notice of not less than 30 days to Large Scale, by paying to Large Scale an amount equal to the Principal Amount to be prepaid multiplied by 110%.

  • Any interest that is due and payable by the Company under this Note, may, subject to Large Scale's consent, be satisfied by the issue by the Company to Large Scale of that number of Common Shares equal to the interest due and payable divided by the Market Price on the day such interest is due and payable, subject to TSX approval.

  • Large Scale may convert the whole or part of the Principal Amount into fully paid Common Shares in the capital of the Company at any time commencing on or after July 1, 2016 and up to and including the Maturity Date (the "Conversion Period") at the Conversion Price.

  • In addition, no adjustment in the Conversion Price shall be made as the result of the issuance or deemed issuance of Additional Shares if the Company receives written consent from Large Scale confirming that no adjustment be made as the result of the issuance or deemed issuance of such Additional Shares.

  • To the extent that amounts are deducted and withheld, such withheld amounts shall be treated for all purposes hereof as having been paid to Large Scale in respect of which such deduction and withholding was made, provided that such withheld amounts are actually remitted to the appropriate taxing Governmental Authority.

More Definitions of Large Scale

Large Scale in this case means the involuntary resettlement of over 200 persons approximately.
Large Scale in this case means the groundwater pumping of over 10 million cubic meters per year approximately.
Large Scale in this case means the land reclamation of over 50 ha approximately.
Large Scale in this case means the land development or land-clearing of over 100 ha approximately.
Large Scale in this case means the logging of over 100 ha of forests approximately.
Large Scale means more than 2.5 million rubles, ‘extremely large-scale’ means more than 10 million. ‘Surplus income’ is “the difference between the income obtained as a result of illegal actions and the income that would have been obtained without the illegal actions.”
Large Scale means illegal marijuana cultivation or distribution operations relative to the applicant's community that involve large quantities of illegal marijuana, quantities of illegal marijuana of significant monetary value, operations that take place over large geographic areas, or any combination of those circumstances.