We do not cover Sample Clauses

We do not cover. (1) The loss in value to any property cov- ered under Coverage A due to the re- quirements of any ordinance or law; or
We do not cover a) General maintenance including, but not limited to, descaling of central heating pipes, adeustment to the timing and temperature controls of the domestic gas central heating system and/or venting sbleeding) of radiators
We do not cover c. General service and maintenance including but not limited to the build-up of leaves, fat or oil blockages within the drainage system and clearance of any debris.
We do not cover a. Pest infestation in your garden.
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We do not cover a) bodily injury or property damage arising out of the business pursuits of an insured person when the business is owned or financially controlled by the insured person. This also means a partnership or joint venture of which an insured person is a partner or member;
We do not cover a) General maintenance.
We do not cover a. Loss of keys to the main property if another set exists.
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