Member Selection Process Sample Clauses

Member Selection Process 

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  • Selection Process The Mortgage Loans were selected from among the outstanding one- to four-family mortgage loans in the Seller's portfolio at the related Closing Date as to which the representations and warranties set forth in Subsection 9.02 could be made and such selection was not made in a manner so as to affect adversely the interests of the Purchaser;

  • Selection Procedure (a) The Committee and the Dean shall examine all applications and supporting documents submitted to the Office of the Director of Human Resources (treating same as confidential material), and together they shall develop a short list of applicants to be interviewed.

  • Supplier Selection If Customer selects a seat or galley supplier that is not on the Boeing recommended list, such seat or galley will become BFE and the provisions of Exhibit A, Buyer Furnished Equipment Provisions Document, of the AGTA will apply.

  • Collection Procedure Escrow Agent is hereby authorized, upon receipt of Subscriber funds, to promptly deposit them in the Escrow Account. Any Subscriber funds which fail to clear or are subsequently reversed, including but not limited to chargebacks, recalls or otherwise disputed, shall be debited to the Escrow Account, with such debits reflected on the Escrow Account ledger accessible via Escrow Agent’s API or Issuer Dashboard as a non-exclusive remedy. Any and all escrow fees paid by Issuer, including those for funds processing are non-refundable, regardless of whether ultimately cleared, failed, rescinded, returned or recalled. In the event of any Subscriber refunds, returns or recalls after funds have already been remitted to Issuer, Issuer and/or Broker hereby irrevocably agree to immediately and without delay or dispute send equivalent funds to Escrow Agent to cover such refunds, returns or recalls. If Issuer has any dispute or disagreement with its Subscriber then that is separate and apart from this Agreement and Issuer and/or Broker will address such matters directly with such Subscriber, including taking whatever actions Issuer and/or Broker determines appropriate, but Issuer and/or Broker shall regardless remit funds to Escrow Agent and not involve Escrow Agent in any such disputes.

  • Panel Selection 1. The Parties shall apply the following procedures in selecting a Panel: (a) the Panel shall comprise 3 members; (b) within 15 days following the date of the establishment of the Panel, each Party shall nominate a Panelist; (c) the Parties shall endeavor

  • Application Process The employees wishing to enter into a job share arrangement will apply in writing to the Employer and forward a copy to the Union outlining the proposed commencement date of the job share, how the hours and days of work will be shared and how communication and continuity of work will be maintained. The Employer shall communicate a decision on a job share request in writing to the applicants. Applications to Job Sharing shall not be unreasonably denied.

  • Escalation Process 9.1. There will be times when the pharmacist will need additional advice or will need to escalate the patient to a higher acuity care location (e.g. back to their GP or an Urgent Treatment Centre or A&E).

  • Selection Procedures No selection procedures believed by the Bank to be materially adverse to the interests of the Investor Certificateholders were utilized in selecting the Removed Accounts designated hereby.

  • Evaluation Process A. The immediate supervisor will meet with an employee at the start of his or her review period to discuss performance expectations. The employee will receive copies of his or her performance expectations as well as notification of any modifications made during the review period. Employee work performance will be evaluated during probationary, trial service and transition review periods and at least annually thereafter. Notification will be given to a probationary or trial service employee whose work performance is determined to be unsatisfactory.

  • Member Services The MCO must maintain a Member Services Department to assist Members and their family members or guardians in obtaining Covered Services for Members. The MCO must maintain employment standards and requirements (e.g., education, training, and experience) for Member Services Department staff and provide a sufficient number of staff for the Member Services Department to meet the requirements of this Section.