Selection Procedure definition

Selection Procedure means any measure, combination of measures, or procedure used as a basis for any decision in apprenticeship. Selection procedures include the full range of assessment techniques from traditional paper and pencil tests, performance tests, training programs, or probationary periods and physical, educational, and work experience requirements through informal or casual interviews and unscored application forms.

Examples of Selection Procedure in a sentence

  • Sponsors with five (5) or more apprentices must adopt an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan and Selection Procedure (chapter 296-05 WAC and 29 CFR Part 30).

  • Sponsors with five (5) or more apprentices must adopt an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan and Selection Procedure (Part D of chapter 296-05 WAC and 29 CFR Part 30).

  • Any breach of this obligation by an Applicant may result in its immediate elimination from the Selection Procedure.

  • No terms seeking to restrict in any way the discretion of IBC in the Selection Procedure will be accepted.

  • Under no circumstances will IBC and/or its associated entities and/or any of its respective officers, employees, representatives, agents or advisers be responsible for any costs of any Applicant associated in any way (whether directly or indirectly) with the Selection Procedure.

More Definitions of Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure means a competitive recruitment procedure conducted by a selection committee, with a view to assessing the merits of candidates for an advertised position within the ECB and to providing the appointing authority with a list of candidates that may be deemed suitable as well as, as the case may be, a recommendation as to the candidate to select for the position to be filled.
Selection Procedure means the procedure set forth in Section 8 hereof that the Committee is required to follow in granting Options and Restricted Stock awards.
Selection Procedure of molecular targets shall have the meaning set forth in Section hereof.
Selection Procedure means the entire procedure conducted by IBC to select and appoint the Successful Applicant(s) for the provision of the Services pursuant to the ITT process and the subsequent negotiation, finalisation and execution of the Agreement(s)."Services"means the services set out in Appendix B."Successful Applicant(s)"means the Applicant(s) selected by IBC to provide the Services pursuant to the Selection Procedure.“Tender” "Timetable" “Venue”means all documents and information submitted by an Applicant supporting its bid to provide the Services to IBC, as required under this ITT, including the Price Quotation as set out at Appendix F. means the timetable for the Selection Procedure as set out in Appendix D. means the premises of any stadium, ground or place at which any Match is scheduled to be played and/or any other stadium, ground or place that may be selected by IBC for any training, practice or preparatory purposesduring the relevant ICC Event(s). Page | 11APPENDIX B SERVICES The Successful Applicant shall be required to provide the services listed below in connection with the ICC Event(s), such services to be delivered by the Successful Applicant always in accordance with any instructions issued by or on behalf of IBC from time to time. All training sessions, warm up matches and Matches at the Event(s) must be run under full access controlled conditions. Whilst accreditation is not intended to be valid for access to hotels, this may become necessary dependent on biosecurity protocols required to be in place for the Event(s). IBC is seeking a response that incorporates a proposed strategy and associated costs to supply and manage the accreditation system requirements and materials for the ICC Events based on the scope of services detailed below:
Selection Procedure means procedure specified in Section 57 of the Karnataka State Universities Act, 2000 and as specified under these Statutes.