Selection Procedure Sample Clauses

Selection Procedure. (a) The Committee and the Dean shall examine all applications and supporting documents submitted to the Office of the Director of Human Resources (treating same as confidential material), and together they shall develop a short list of applicants to be interviewed.
Selection Procedure. Selection of the successful candidate for a job posting shall be made within ten (10) calendar days following the closing date. If the Employer finds it necessary to delay selection for more than ten (10) calendar days after date of closing then the Union shall be informed in writing giving reasons for the delay.
Selection Procedure. The parties to an arbitration proceeding will make a good faith effort to mutually agree to the selection of the Chairman. If they cannot, each party shall nominate two candidates from the panel established by Company and Union, Subsection C. If the parties are still unable to agree upon the selection of a Chairman, then the Chairman shall be chosen by lot from the panel names submitted.
Selection Procedure. 13-16-1 The Personnel Committee shall review all applications and determine how many and which applicants will be interviewed. When there are two or more applicants for a position, the Personnel Committee shall interview a minimum of two candidates.
Selection Procedure. A. All eligible employees who bid for job vacancies shall be screened by the Human Resources Department to verify that the employees possess the required licensure/certificate. Employees shall receive notification as to the status of the licensure/certificate screening from the Human Resources Department at the end of the posting period. If for some reason an employee has not been notified by the three (3) days following the posting period, he/she should contact Human Resources. Employees who do not meet the minimum requirements will be so advised by the Human Resources representative.
Selection Procedure. After due publicity including public notice, applications will be invited and a fair, transparent and competitive selection process shall be adopted by DLSA under guidance of SLSA. Legal Aid Defence Counsels shall be engaged on contract basis in each place/district initially for a period of two years with a stipulation of extension on yearly basis on satisfactory performance. The performance of each human resource shall be assessed in every six months by SLSA in consultation with DLSA concerned. Selection of Chief Legal Aid Defense Counsel, Deputy Chief Legal Aid Defense Counsels, Assistant Legal Aid Defense Counsels will be purely based on merit, taking into account the knowledge, skills, practice and experience ofcandidates. The selection shall be carried out by Selection committee under the Chairmanship of the Principal District & Sessions Judge (Chairman, DLSA) as envisaged in NALSA (Free and Competent Legal Services) Regulations 2010, subject to final approval by the Executive Chairman, SLSA. In the selection committee at least three senior most judicial officers posted at HQ, dealing mainly criminal cases, preferably sessions cases, will also be included. No person with conflict of interest shall be part of selection process. After approval by the Executive Chairman, SLSA, engagement contract will be executed between the Secretary DLSA and the person so engaged. The eligibility criterions are as follows:-
Selection Procedure. Unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties, the arbitrator shall be chosen according to the following procedure:
Selection Procedure. The following shall be adhered to in the selection of summer school employees from among those who have applied: