Member Agreement Sample Clauses

Member Agreement. You hereby authorize Santa Fe Federal Credit Union to initiate debit entries and to initiate, if necessary, credit entries and adjustments for any debit entries in error to your account at the financial institution in which you indicated top credit and/or debit the same such account. Your account at the other financial institution will be debited and funds will be credited to you Santa Fe FCU loan. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available in your account at the other financial institution on the date for which your loan payment is scheduled. In the event that funds are not available and the entry is returned, Santa Fe FCU will reverse the loan payment. You understand that this agreement is subject to cancellation in the event we receive returned debits from your other financial institution.
Member Agreement. The Member Agreement shall have been executed and delivered by and among all Members, OPC, GTC and GSOC.
Member Agreement. The “Closing” as defined in the Member Interest Purchase and Sale Agreement dated as of May 3, 2010 between iStar Harborside LLC and TRT Acquisitions LLC, as amended, shall have occurred.
Member Agreement. TBITEC has entered into the Member Agreement with the Member Air Carriers. The Member Agreement is attached hereto as Exhibit F. All amendments to the Member Agreement shall be subject to the prior approval of the Chief Executive Officer or his or her designee. TBITEC covenants and agrees that it will vigorously enforce the terms of the Member Agreement and provide written notice to City of any event of default under the Member Agreement with respect to a Member Air Carrier. All Air Carriers shall be eligible to be a Member Air Carrier provided such Air Carrier execute a Member Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms thereof.
Member Agreement. I understand and agree that as a Travel Light Member (“Member”) I am bound by the terms and conditions of this Travel Light Member Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Viridian International Management Pty Ltd (“Travel Light by Viridian”). I am of legal age to enter into the Agreement in the state in which I reside.
Member Agreement. A Member Agreement and Supplemental Member Agreement for each person who is a Member as of the date of the Original Agreement or is a Member as of the Closing Date shall have been executed and delivered.
Member Agreement. Prior to the Closing, the Company shall take all requisite action so that, holders of a number of each class of the Company Membership Units have executed a Member Agreement, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Buyer, sufficient to effect, contemporaneously with the Closing, (i) the termination of the Fourth Amended and Restated Holders Agreement, (ii) the termination of the Second Amended and Restated Registration Rights Agreement, (iii) the amendment of the Fourth Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement of the Company as contemplated herein, (iv) the implementation of provisions of Section 5.9 of this Agreement regarding the treatment of options to acquire Company Membership Units, (v) the prohibition of any transfer of the Company Membership Units other than by operation of law in the case of the death of an individual or the dissolution of an entity, and (vi) the prohibition of the Company from incurring any indebtedness or engaging in any business activity other than the distribution and management of Contingent Consideration or the monitoring and enforcement of the Company's rights hereunder (such agreement, the "Member Agreement").
Member Agreement. Customer shall enter into a Member Agreement for the Services with each Member. Customer is responsible for ensuring the Member Agreement is valid and enforceable under applicable law. For clarity, the Member Agreement is a direct contract between the Customer and the Member, and not a direct contract between Zoom and the Member. Customer has no right or authority to make any representation, promise, obligation, warranty, or agreement on behalf of Zoom, in violation of this Section 2.1.2 unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing by Zoom. Customer agrees to assume full liability for any contracts or agreements that Customer and any of Customer's personnel enter into with Member in violation of this Section 2.1.2. The Member Agreements must contain provisions imposing no greater obligations or liability on Zoom and no fewer restrictions or obligations on Member than Zoom's standard terms of service in effect at the time the Member Agreement is entered into. Zoom's current terms of service are located at and each Member shall agree to abide by Zoom's terms of service before use of the Services.
Member Agreement. The Member Agreement shall have been executed by members holding 85% of the Company Membership Units, shall be in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Buyer, and shall be binding upon 100% of the Company Membership Units.
Member Agreement. Each direct or indirect Member must sign an agreement with the Clearing House. The special member must sign an agreement with the direct or indirect Member for extending the branch activity relationship, and an official confirmation shall be sent to the Clearing House by the concerned Direct or Indirect Member.An Indirect Member must sign an agreement with a Direct Member for the settlement purposes.