Material Property Sample Clauses

Material Property. (i) The Material Property is accurately and fully disclosed in the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectuses and no other property or assets are necessary for the conduct of the business of the Company and its subsidiaries as currently conducted. Other than the Material Property, as disclosed in the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectuses, neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries currently owns or leases any material real or immovable property, right, title or interest, or any material mining or mineral claims, mining leases, mining concessions, concessions, exploration licenses, exploitation licenses, prospecting permits, participating interests or other conventional property, proprietary or contractual interests or rights, or any other rights for the exploration, mining, development or processing activities in respect of the Material Property;
Material Property. As of the Effective Date, Schedule 5.09 sets forth all the real property of the Loan Parties described in clause (i) of the definition ofMaterial Real Property” as of such date.
Material Property. The author remains the owner of the manuscript or other material possibly furnished to the publisher and on the basis of which the work shall be reproduced. As soon as the manufacture is finished and subject to an impossibility of technical nature, the publisher undertakes to hand over to the author the manuscript and other material that he possibly owes.
Material Property. For the Seller - all furniture, fixtures, computer equipment necessary to support the employees hired by the Buyer. Hardware Requirements to support Queryobject System's IT infrastructure.
Material Property. Each Obligor will not, and will procure that each of its Subsidiaries will not, save with the express written consent of the Security Agent, exercise any of the powers of leasing or agreeing to lease vested in or conferred on mortgagors by common law or by statute (including Section 99 of the Law of Property Act 1925) or create or suffer to be created a tenancy of any Material Property or confer or permit to be conferred upon any person any contractual licence, right or interest to occupy or use the whole or any part of the Material Property or accept, agree to accept or permit the acceptance of a surrender of any lease, underlease, tenancy, licence or agreement relating thereto or exercise any power to determine or extend any of the same, save where any such tenancy or lease is being granted pursuant to any statutory rights of renewal with which such Obligor or Subsidiary is obliged by law to comply.
Material Property. (4) The title to each Material Property situate in England is vested in one of the Companies and is either registered at H.M. Land Registry with absolute title or if unregistered and freehold commences with a good root of title and whether unregistered freehold or leasehold is one which can be established in accordance with section 44 of the Law of Property Act 1925 and for any Material Property situated in Xxxxxxxd one of the Companies is the heritable proprietor (as regards any freehold Property in respect of which title is recorded in the Register of Sasines) or the registered proprietor (as regards any freehold Property in respect of which title is registered in the Land Register of Scotland) or is the proprietor of the tenants' interest under the Lease or is intended to be so under the proposed Lease where the Lease is still in the course of execution (as regards any leasehold Property). As regards any freehold Property, the Sellers are not aware of any reason why Land Certificates containing no exclusion of indemnity under Section 12(2) of the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979 should not be issued in favour of CCSB.
Material Property. Create, incur, assume or suffer to exist any Lien upon any Material Real Property, whether now owned or hereafter, acquired, other than (i) easements, rights-of-way, restrictions, covenants, conditions, encroachments, protrusions and other similar encumbrances and minor title defects affecting real property which, in the aggregate, do not in any case materially interfere with the ordinary conduct of the business of any Parent, any Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary; (ii) any zoning or similar law or right reserved to or vested in any Governmental Authority to control or regulate the use of any real property that does not materially interfere with the ordinary conduct of the business of any Parent, any Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary; (iii) ground leases in respect of real property on which facilities owned or leased by any Parent, the Borrow, or any Restricted Subsidiary are located and (iv) Liens pursuant to any Loan Document and any Liens incurred pursuant to Section 7.01(ff). 141
Material Property. All materials produced, delivered and transmitted to the Receiving Party, that contains Confidential Information shall remain the property of the University of Xxxxxxxx/ (Researcher Name). Without delay, the Receiving Party must return Confidential Information to the University of Xxxxxxxx/ (Researcher Name), destroy or erase it from their computer memories and any other storage device(s), both local and remote, at the time the Receiving Party receives the request or no later than the date the relationship between the University of Xxxxxxxx/ (Researcher Name) and the Receiving Party is interrupted or ends. Art. 8 (
Material Property. The Company’s Queensway Project located in Newfoundland, Canada (the “Queensway Gold Project”) is the only property that is material to the Company.
Material Property. Subject to the last sentence of this paragraph, with respect to any interest in any Material Property acquired by any Loan Party (or any Subsidiary required to become a Loan Party pursuant to the terms hereof) after the Second Amendment Effective Date (other than any such real property subject to a sale leaseback transaction not prohibited hereunder or Lien expressly permitted under Section 8.01(m) to the extent and for so long as the obligations relating to such transaction or Liens do not permit a Lien on such property in favor of the Secured Parties), within 90 days (or such longer period as the Administrative Agent shall reasonably agree) of the Second Amendment Effective Date or the date of acquisition of such Material Property, as applicable, (i) execute and deliver a Mortgage, in favor of the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of the Secured Parties, covering such interest in real property, (ii) if requested by the Administrative Agent, provide the Lenders with a Title Policy as well as a current ALTA survey thereof (or an existing ALTA survey (accompanied if necessary by a “no-change” affidavit and/or other documents)) sufficient to remove the survey exception from the Title Policy and to obtain survey coverage in the Title Policy, together with a surveyor’s certificate in form reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent, (iii) if requested by the Administrative Agent, deliver to the Administrative Agent customary legal opinions relating to the enforceability, due authorization, execution and delivery of any such Mortgage and the Lien created thereby, which opinions shall be in form and substance, and from counsel, reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, (iv) if requested by the Administrative Agent, a completed “Life-of-Loan” Federal Emergency Management Agency standard flood hazard determination with respect to each Mortgaged Property (together with a notice about special flood hazard area status and flood disaster assistance duly executed by the Borrower Agent), (v) if requested by the Administrative Agent, with respect to any portion of any improvements on any such property located in a special flood hazard area, provide a copy of, or a certificate as to coverage and a declaration page relating to, the insurance policies required by Section 7.07(c), each of which (A) shall be endorsed or otherwise amended to include a lender’s loss payable endorsement, (B) shall identify the address of each property located in a special fl...