Real Properties Sample Clauses

Real Properties. The Company does not have an interest in any real property, except for the Leases (as defined below).
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Real Properties. United has Previously Disclosed to FNB a listing of all real property owned or leased by United or any subsidiary (the “Real Property”) and all leases pertaining to any such Real Property to which United or any subsidiary is a party (the “Real Property Leases”). With respect to all Real Property, United or any subsidiary has good and marketable fee simple title to, or a valid and subsisting leasehold interest in, such Real Property and owns the same free and clear of all mortgages, liens, leases, encumbrances, title defects and exceptions to title other than (i) the lien of current taxes not yet due and payable, and (ii) such imperfections of title and restrictions, covenants and easements (including utility easements) which do not materially affect the value of the Real Property and which do not and will not materially detract from, interfere with or restrict the present or future use of the properties subject thereto or affected thereby. With respect to each Real Property Lease (i) such lease is valid and enforceable in accordance with its terms, (ii) there currently exists no circumstance or condition which constitutes an event of default by United or any subsidiary (as lessor or lessee) or its respective lessor or which, with the passage of time or the giving of required notices will or could constitute such an event of default, and (iii) subject to any required consent of United’s lessor, each such Real Property Lease may be assigned to FNB and the execution and delivery of this Agreement does not constitute an event of default thereunder. To the best knowledge and belief of management of United, the Real Property complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, ordinances or orders of any governmental authority, including those relating to zoning, building and use permits, except for such noncompliance as does not or would not have a Material Adverse Effect on United and its subsidiaries, and the Real Property may be used under applicable zoning ordinances for commercial banking facilities as a matter of right rather than as a conditional or nonconforming use. All improvements and fixtures included in or on the Real Property are in good condition and repair, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and there does not exist any condition which materially adversely affects the economic value thereof or materially adversely interferes (or will interfere after the Merger) with the contemplated use thereof.
Real Properties. Obtain easements and/or acquire land for the installation of the Distribution Provider’s Interconnection Facilities, including any associated telecommunication equipment.
Real Properties. (a) Neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries owns any real property.
Real Properties. (i) The Company and its Subsidiary do not own any real property in fee.
Real Properties. 9 2.17. Loans, Accounts, Notes and Other Receivables.............................................. 10 2.18. Securities Portfolio and Investments...................................................... 10 2.19. Personal Property and Other Assets........................................................ 11 2.20.
Real Properties. Section 4.16
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Real Properties. (i) MailKey and the Subsidiaries have good and marketable title to, and valid leasehold interests in, all of the properties and leasehold interests identified on SCHEDULE 4.1(F)(I) hereto pursuant to the true, correct and complete copies of the lease agreements attached to SCHEDULE 4.1(F)(I). MailKey and the Subsidiaries own or lease no other real estate. None of the leasehold interests held by MailKey or the Subsidiaries is subject to any Encumbrance, except (a) liens for ad valorem taxes not yet due or being contested in good faith; and (b) contractual or statutory mechanics or materialmen's liens or other statutory or common law Encumbrances relating to obligations of MailKey that are not delinquent or are being contested in good faith. There are no Encumbrances which materially interfere with the present use of such leasehold interests.
Real Properties. The Schedule of Exceptions sets forth each lease or other agreement (including easements) under which the Company leases or has rights in any real property (the "REAL PROPERTY LEASES," and, each individually, a "REAL PROPERTY LEASE"). The Company has a valid and subsisting leasehold interest in all the real property which is the subject of each Real Property Lease. The Company does not presently own, and has never owned, any real property and does not presently operate, and has never operated, any real property, other than as a lessee.
Real Properties. Neither Acquiror nor Newco owns or leases any real property.
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