IT Infrastructure definition

IT Infrastructure means all IT systems; network or telecommunications equipment and software; desktop computer software; accounting, finance and database software; general software development and control systems; and tools, environments and other general IT functionality used in the operation of both the Retained Business and the Business but excluding Transferred IT Infrastructure. For the avoidance of doubt, “IT Infrastructure” does not include any data or other information with respect to the Business contained in such software, systems, tools, or environments.

Examples of IT Infrastructure in a sentence

  • Access to the IT Infrastructure will be granted to the Service Provider upon request for system/application updates, upgrades, debugging and maintenance purposes.

  • Except as otherwise limited in this Agreement, Service Provider may access the IT Infrastructure and the Confidential Data only as permitted by the Underlying Contracts and to the extent necessary to perform functions, activities, or services for City as specified in the Underlying Contracts, provided that such access or disclosure to Service Provider would not violate any applicable laws.

  • Service Provider agrees to use appropriate safeguards to maintain the security of the IT Infrastructure and Confidential Data and to prevent unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure of the IT Infrastructure and Confidential Data, which will in no event be any less than the stricter of any applicable security standard protocol applicable to the Confidential Data or the means which Service Provider uses to protect its own VDE.

  • Service Provider Employees authorized to access the IT Infrastructure systems shall inform the City’s IT Director prior to accessing systems whether remotely or when on site at the St. Francis Civic Center.

  • Service Provider agrees to implement Security Safeguards that reasonably and appropriately protect the IT Infrastructure and the integrity and confidentiality of the Confidential Data that Service Provider has access to, receives, transmits, processes, or stores on behalf of City.

More Definitions of IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure means the physical infrastructure built by a firm or a builder and sold / leased or transferred on lease-cum-sale to an IT industry for its use or the infrastructure built by an IT industry for its own use.
IT Infrastructure the information technology facilities in the Centre for use by COLLABORATOR and, where applicable, by Other Collaborators as more particularly described in Schedule 10.
IT Infrastructure means the set of IT equipment needed for hosting and operating the EuroHPC supercomputer. It includes storage for homes, long term storage, back-up and various auxiliary servers.
IT Infrastructure has the meaning set forth in Section 2.9(h).
IT Infrastructure means the composite computer hardware, software, network resources and other services required for the existence, operation and management of the Software. “IT Infrastructure Feesseparate to Licence Fees, means the ongoing fees applicable to the procurement and management of the IT Infrastructure as necessary to ensure the security, performance, availability and other operational requirements of the Software.
IT Infrastructure means Customer’s information technology (IT) and/or network elements (e.g. LAN, proxies, etc.) used to provision access for End Users.