Declaration Page definition

Declaration Page. The enclosed document that forms a part of this Service Agreement, listing important information regarding You, Your Property and other vital information.
Declaration Page means the Section of “your” Insurance Policy containing basic information such as “your” name and address, the description and location of the insured property, the policy term, the amount of coverage, and premium amounts.
Declaration Page means the Declaration Page applicable to this Form.

Examples of Declaration Page in a sentence

  • Upon termination of this Policy, the sum of the monthly amounts of accounts receivable for the preceding twelve months shall be averaged and the earned premium shall be computed on the such average at the rate stated on the Declaration Page, whether or not such average exceeds the applicable amount of insurance.

More Definitions of Declaration Page

Declaration Page means the document so-entitled which is appended to this Policy.
Declaration Page means the computer printout, electronic copy or policy document that sets out the Declarations.
Declaration Page means the Declaration Page, including any supplementary pages or schedule of coverages attached thereto, applicable to this policy.
Declaration Page means the declaration page applicable to this form.
Declaration Page. Summary of the terms and coverage included with your Protection Agreement.
Declaration Page means the section of the District Performance Review that verifies the accuracy of the responses on the school district’s District Performance Review.
Declaration Page means the Declaration Page applicable to this policy.