Library Sample Clauses

Library. CONTRACTOR shall provide an inmate law library in compliance with Rule 33-501.301, F.A.C., FDC’s Policy 501.301, and ACA Standards.
Library. The library is where all of your pre-loaded and purchased content is contained and may be categorized, sorted, and accessed. Viewing You will be able to either view your images as icons by clicking on the Icon View option: Library in List View mode In List View mode you may sort your images by Name, Category, Artist, Date Downloaded, or Size by clicking on these column header titles. Library in Icon View mode You may alternately view your library images in a list view to see more detail by clicking on the List View option: In addition to how you view your library content, you also have the ability to adjust how your library is viewed as to whether you are viewing the library only or if you are viewing the library and your workspace. You will find these viewing options on the left-hand side of the software under library and online store buttons. The top icon showing only one panel will display only your library or online store as they are accessed: While the bottom icon showing two panels will display your library or online store along side your workspace: Accessing Library Content To access library images, you may:  Double-click on your image to open it onto your workspace  Drag images from your library onto your workspace (only if your workspace is being displayed) Categorizing & Library Management As your library continues to grow with additional content, you may find it convenient to customize your library with new folders and sort images according to your liking. You may add new custom folders by clicking on the Add Folder icon. As new Untitled Folders are created, you may immediately name your folder to the desired name. Once your new folder has been created, you may drag and drop images into the folder. Right-clicking on a folder will allow you to create a new sub-folder for that selected folder, delete the folder (along with all contained content), or rename the folder. In addition to customizing folders, you may also adjust any of your images within the library. Right-clicking on an image will allow you to delete the image, re-name the image, sort the images in the current folder, or show/hide the images properties. Image properties will provide you with the image’s description (as downloaded from the online store) and display any associated keywords. As images or folders are deleted, they will be moved into the library’s Recycle Bin. You may still restore any of these images or folders by dragging them back into your library. However, once you h...
Library. Borrowing privileges available without charge. Upon retirement an employee shall be issued a permanent individual library card.
Library. Through reference materials, books, magazines, computers, recordings and tapes, students develop skills in independent learning and research. Each student from preschool through the eighth grade uses the library on a scheduled basis. Resource and enrichment materials are also provided for the teachers. Books borrowed from the library must be returned on a timely basis. Parents will have to pay for any lost or damaged books. LIGHTNING/THUNDER When lightning/thunder is present, all students will return to the building when out of doors. On an outdoor field trip, students will return to the bus. When participating in extra-curricular sports, the event will be postponed/cancelled and children will be sent home/picked up from the game or practice.
Library. The elementary school library is an integral part of the educational program of our school. Students are encouraged to make effective use of the books and materials for both course requirements and recreational reading. As a part of the regular curriculum, each class has the opportunity to visit the library at least once each week. The elementary library also receives books through gifts, honorariums and memorials. These books can be bought personally or chosen from those already on hand for $10.00. If a desired title is not available, it can be ordered. Gift cards are placed in the front of these books. Each semester the elementary library hosts a book fair. Scholastic/Great American Book Fairs sends cases of books, posters, and supplies for students, teachers, and parents to buy. The library receives a percentage of the sales from the fair. The children come to the book fair during their library times. Parents are encouraged to come to the library either with their child or come any time during the book fair week.
Library. Members will be entitled to full library privileges, once they receive their Campus Card.
Library. The Board and the Association mutually recognize the importance of continuous use of adequate teaching reference material in maintaining a high level of professional performance. In furtherance of that recognition, the Board shall provide a teacher reference library in each school in the district and include therein all texts which are reasonably requested by the teachers of that school and jointly approved by the Board and the Local Administration.
Library. Each secondary school shall have the equivalent of a full-time teacher librarian.
Library. Books are checked out for one-week intervals. The student who signs the Borrower’s Card is responsible for any fines should the book be lost or damaged. A student who violates the policy may have restricted library privileges and a $25 fine per book. Lending a library book to a friend is strongly discouraged as the student’s name on the Borrower’s Card is still responsible for any damage to the book regardless of his/her innocence in the loss of the book.
Library. A. UNM shall provide and maintain a medical library and departmental libraries in a convenient location per ACGME requirements. In addition, UNM shall provide twenty four (24) hour on-line access to current full-text electronic journals, textbooks, and Handbooks at workstations convenient to resident work areas, lounges, and on-call rooms. HSOs shall have twenty four (24) hour access to working printers.