Reasonable Notice Sample Clauses

Reasonable Notice. If any applicable provision of any law requires Secured Party to give reasonable notice of any sale or disposition or other action, Pledgor hereby agrees that ten daysprior written notice shall constitute reasonable notice thereof. Such notice, in the case of public sale, shall state the time and place fixed for such sale and, in the case of private sale, the time after which such sale is to be made.
Reasonable Notice. Written notice, when required by law, sent in accordance with the provisions of Section 12.6 of the Loan Agreement and given at least ten (10) business days (counting the day of sending) before the date of a proposed disposition of the Collateral shall be reasonable notice.
Reasonable Notice. Any requirement under applicable Laws of reasonable notice by the Security Agent or the other Secured Parties to any Pledgor of any event in connection with, or in any way related to, the Collateral Documents or the exercise by the Security Agent or the other Secured Parties of any of its rights thereunder shall be met if notice of such event is given to such Pledgor in the manner prescribed above at least 10 days before (i) the date of such event or (ii) the date after which such event will occur.
Reasonable Notice. In connection with entering the Premises to exercise any of the foregoing rights, Landlord shall: (a) provide reasonable advance written or oral notice to Tenant’s on-site manager or other appropriate person (except in emergencies, or for routine cleaning or other routine matters), and (b) take reasonable steps to avoid any unreasonable interference with Tenant’s business.
Reasonable Notice. A. A reasonable effort will be made to provide sixty (60), but not less than thirty (30) calendar days written notice to the Union of any ordinance, rule, resolution, or regulation directly relating to matters within the scope of representation proposed to be adopted by the City Council, by the Civil Service Commission or by appointing authorities and the Union shall be given the opportunity to meet with the appropriate body or person prior to adoption as required by law.
Reasonable Notice. If a leave is foreseeable, the unit member shall 22 provide the District with reasonable advance notice of the need for the leave 23 and make reasonable efforts to schedule planned medical treatment to 24 avoid disruption to the operations of the District.
Reasonable Notice. The University affirms its respect for each Resident’s right to privacy in their room and agrees to give reasonable notice prior to making inspections for damage and cleanliness.
Reasonable Notice. It is mutually understood and agreed that a copy of the City Council agenda and Personnel Board agenda for each meeting mailed to the authorized SMART-TD representative shall constitute reasonable written notice, and notice of an opportunity to meet with such bodies, on all matters within the scope of representation upon which the City Council or Personnel Board may act.
Reasonable Notice. Reasonable written notice as defined in Government Code Section 3504.5 shall be given on all matters requiring such notice under said section.
Reasonable Notice. Notice mailed to the Debtor’s address or to Debtor’s most recent changed address on file with Secured Party, at least ten (10) days prior to the related action, or if the UCC specifies a longer period, such longer period prior to the related action, shall be deemed reasonable.