Access Services definition

Access Services refers to interstate and intrastate switched access and private line transport services.
Access Services means any measure, including technical measure such as closed captioning, subtitles and audio descriptions, through which the accessibility of online curated content may be improved for persons with disabilities;
Access Services means care coordination; care transitions; communication, referral, information, and

Examples of Access Services in a sentence

  • The Customer agrees to use the Remote Access Services only in connection with the proper purposes of this Addendum.

  • The Custodian and each Fund agree to be bound by the terms of the Remote Access Services Addendum hereto.

  • The Customer agrees to advise State Street immediately in the event that it learns or has reason to believe that any person to whom it has given access to the System or the Remote Access Services has violated or intends to violate the terms of this Addendum and the Customer will cooperate with State Street in seeking injunctive or other equitable relief.

  • Limited Warranties State Street represents and warrants that it is the owner of and has the right to grant access to the System and to provide the Remote Access Services contemplated herein.

  • Fees and charges for the use of the System and the Remote Access Services and related payment terms shall be as set forth in the fee schedule in effect from time to time between the parties.

More Definitions of Access Services

Access Services means, collectively, PC Access Services, TV Access Services and Wireless Access Services.
Access Services refers to the tariffed interstate and intrastate switched access and special access services offered for the origination and/or termination of interexchange traffic (see each Party’s appropriate state and interstate access tariffs).
Access Services means either the physical connection between the Customer’s site and the Core Network or a broadband service-based connection, neither of which, for the avoidance of doubt, are provided under the terms of this Supplement;
Access Services means services that are not necessarily
Access Services means the Company’s intrastate telephone Services offered to residential and business customers pursuant to this Tariff. It is also a connection provided to an Interexchange Carrier between a Customer Premises and a Point of Presence of the Interexchange Carrier for the transmission of voice, data or video/image information.
Access Services means the Publisher’s obligations under Clause 5.1.