Geographic Area Sample Clauses

Geographic Area. For purposes of this Agreement, the “Geographic Area” shall mean (i) any county or parish in which the Related Parties own any oil and gas interests or conducts operations on the Termination Date or in which the Related Parties have owned any oil and gas interests or conducted operations at any time during the six months immediately preceding the Termination Date; or (ii) any county or parish adjacent to any county or parish described in clause (i) of this Section 10(c)(iv).
Geographic Area. See Articles 70.1-70.5.
Geographic Area. A group of communities where it is practical for multiple locations to meet together.
Geographic Area. The rights granted to Licensee hereunder may be exercised by Licensee within the USA and Canada (the "Territory"), and Licensee shall have exclusive rights with respect to the use of the Trademark in connection with the Trademarked Product. Upon Licensee's request, Licensor may, in its discretion, extend the areas in which Licensee may exercise said rights, but any such extension shall, in each instance, be evidenced by a written and duly executed amendment to this Agreement for such periods and upon such terms and conditions as shall be determined by Licensor. From time to time Licensor may wish to purchase Trademarked Product for sale outside the Territory. Licensee agrees to sell Trademarked Product to Licensor at the same price Licensee sells Trademarked Product to its best customer.
Geographic Area. The level of incentives provided by the CCHIP is based on the Project's location within the CRAG (Exhibit A). The level of incentive will increase if the Project is within 1 of the 8 Targeted Growth Areas'. The 8 Targeted Growth Areas include Midtown/River North, Downtown Core, Cesar Chavez/Hemisfair Corridor, Near River South, Medical District, Civic Core, Near East Side, and West Side Multimodal/UTSA (Exhibit B). In an effort to simplify the Policy, the Targeted Growth Areas have been re-classed into 4 Incentive Tiers. Exhibit C illustrates each of the 8 Targeted Growth Areas and the 4 Incentive Tiers and also includes a boundary description for each area.
Geographic Area. For OSP-Support Unit the geographic areas will be as follows:
Geographic Area. A. Willamette Valley (Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Benton, Lane, Linn, Yamhill)
Geographic Area a. Salem HQ STARC Armory/USPFO AFRC AASF - Salem RTI - Monmouth Camp Adair b. Camp Rilea
Geographic Area. Executive shall perform her duties principally in the Austin, Texas metropolitan area and shall be required to travel outside of that area as necessary or appropriate to the performance of her duties hereunder.
Geographic Area. See Articles 70.1-70.5. Section 13. When the Employer declares that a lack of funds will necessitate a layoff, the Parties will meet, if requested by either the Employer or the Union, to consider such alternatives to layoffs as: voluntary reductions in hours; voluntary paid leaves of absence; other voluntary programs and/or temporary interruptions of employment. Such alternatives shall be subject to mutual agreement by the Union and the Employer. In the absence of such mutual agreement, the Employer may implement layoff procedures consistent with this Agreement. The Parties agree that any and all discussions that take place under this Section shall not be subject to Article 5--Complete Agreement of this Agreement, or constitute interim negotiations under PECBA. In addition, the Parties will not be required to use the dispute resolution processes contained in PECBA.