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Issue. What minimum participation agreement requirements must be met by a provider in order to obtain authorization status under TRICARE?
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Issue. Redemption, and Transfer of the Fund's Shares. All expenses incurred in connection with the issue, redemption, and transfer of the Fund's shares, including the expenses of confirming all share transactions and of transmitting share certificates for the Fund.
Issue. Upon tender to the Corporation (as defined in paragraph (e) hereof), the Corporation shall issue to the registered owner hereof the number of fully paid and nonassessable shares of Common Stock of the Corporation (the "Stock") specified in paragraph (b) hereof that the registered owner is otherwise entitled to purchase.
Issue. Option Holder will have the right to purchase up to two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) Commerce common shares, ten cents ($0.10) par value, hereinafter referred to as "option shares," at a price (option price) of twenty-five cents ($.25) per share, payable in cash. Upon tender of the sum of U.S. sixty-two thousand five hundred dollars (U.S. $62,500.00), Commerce agrees to issue to Option Holder, a total of two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) Commerce validly issued nonassessable and fully paid common shares, ten cents ($0.10) par value. Cancellation of debt owed to Option Holder will be acceptable in lieu of cash.
Issue. The Company shall issue to each Holder a certificate (the "Warrant Certificate") dated as of the date hereof providing each such Holder with the right to purchase, at any time, from October 1, 2006, until 5:30 p.m., New York time, on September 30, 2008, the number of Common Shares listed next to the name of each such Holder on Exhibit I (the "Warrant Shares") (subject to adjustment as provided in Section 9 hereof), at an exercise price (subject to adjustment as provided in Section 9 hereof) of $2.00 and $3.00 per Common Share, as outlined in Exhibit I.
Issue. Upon tender (as defined in Section 5) to the Company, the Company, within three (3) Business Days of the date thereof, shall issue to the Registered Owner, or assigns, up to the number of shares specified in Section 2 of fully paid and nonassessable shares of Common Stock that the Registered Owner, or assigns, is otherwise entitled to purchase.
Issue. The Second Lien Notes in an amount set forth in the Restructuring Term Sheet will be issued under and have the benefit of an indenture and security documentation typical and customary in the case of second lien senior secured notes issued pursuant to an exit financing (the “Second Lien Propco Documentation”), and which shall (x) take into consideration (i) the indenture for the second-priority senior secured notes issued on October 11, 2013 by Caesars Entertainment Resort Properties, LLC, Caesars Entertainment Resort Properties Finance, Inc., Xxxxxx’x Atlantic City Holding, Inc., Xxxxxx’x Las Vegas, LLC, Xxxxxx’x Xxxxxxxx, LLC, Flamingo Las Vegas Holding, LLC, Paris Las Vegas Holding, LLC, Rio Properties, LLC (the “CERP Second Lien Indenture”), (ii) the operational requirements of the Issuer and its subsidiaries, their capital structure and size after giving effect to the transactions contemplated by the Restructuring Term Sheet, and (iii) the operating lease structure and the REIT structure of the Issuer and its subsidiaries after giving effect to the transactions contemplated by the Restructuring Term Sheet, (y) contain the terms set forth herein; provided that, in the case of provisions setting forth the debt and lien capacity, the Second Lien Propco Documentation shall be based on and consistent with the CERP Second Lien Indenture as modified to reflect the terms set forth herein and (z) in all cases be reasonably satisfactory to the Borrower and the Requisite Consenting Creditors (clauses (x), (y) and (z), the “Propco Second Lien Notes Documentation Principles”).
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Issue. The term "issue", unless otherwise designated herein, shall include adopted "issue" of descendants and lineal descendants, both natural and legally adopted indefinitely. Such term shall specifically exclude individuals adopted out of the family of the Trustor or out of the family of a descendant of the Trustor. The word "living" shall include unborn persons in the period of gestation.
Issue the Contractor with a work stoppage order or a compliance order should Employer become aware of any unsafe working procedures or conditions or any non-compliance with the Act, Regulations and Procedures by the Contractor or any of its Employees, sub-Contractors or agents. Stoppages of this nature will not constitute a compensation event. List of minimum statutory appointments required (where applicable), as required by the OHS Act: OHS Act, Section 16(2) - Employer OHS Act, GMR 2(1) - Supervision of Machinery OHS Act, GMR 2(7) - Assist the designated person OHS Act, CR 6(1) – Construction Supervisor (Authorised Supervisors and Responsible Persons must be appointed as Construction Supervisor) OHS Act, CR 6(2) – Assistant Construction Supervisor OHS Act, Section 17 - Health and Safety Rep OHS Act, GAR 9 – Incident investigation OHS Act, CR 12 – Demolition work OHS Act, CR 19 – Explosive Powered Tools OHS Act, CR 22 – Electrical installations and machinery OHS Act, GSR 3 – First Aiders
Issue a back pay award for any amount in excess of lost wages nor for a period to exceed twenty (20) days prior to the date the grievance was filed.
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