WORKING PROCEDURES. 7. 1. The working procedures to be followed by the Authority and the Contractor shall be those at Annex C to the Contract. Any changes to the working procedures shall be agreed by both Parties and reflected in formal amendment to the Contract.
WORKING PROCEDURES. The working procedures included in this Annex shall be read in conjunction with Contract Condition 5 – Undertakings by the Authority and Contract Condition 6Responsibilities of the Contractor
WORKING PROCEDURES. Each Licensed Provider shall use all reasonable endeavours to act in accordance with any Working Procedures issued by the CMA from time to time.
WORKING PROCEDURES. The convening and decision-making of the Joint Steering Committee Meeting shall be carried out in accordance with the following procedures:
WORKING PROCEDURES. 4.1. NUGs only deal with issues relevant to T2S. They are invited to actively seek briefing from the T2S Programme Office in relation to live issues, and provide national views in a timely fashion on matters as requested by the AMI SeCo Secretary or as raised by the NUG. The T2S Programme Office regularly provides information to the NUGs on markets participating in T2S and organises meetings with such NUG secretaries via the NUG experts network to foster the interaction between the NUGs and the T2S Programme Office.
WORKING PROCEDURES. ▪ An internal review of compliance with the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards was completed in January 2016 and the review did not identify any significant areas of non- compliance. ▪ As part of the internal audit restructure The Deputy Head of Internal Audit post has been abolished, senior auditors have taken on more management responsibilities and the auditor job description has been reviewed and re - evaluated to a 6/7 recognising it as a career graded post.▪ Internal Audit (BDC and NEDDC) have been issued with lap tops. It is intended that CBC auditors will move to laptops once the access to all systems on laptops is feasible. ▪ The audit manual has been reviewed and updated
WORKING PROCEDURES. The assignment of a particular title to an employee will not limit the type of work an employee may be required to perform. The Company may assign the work an employee will perform.
WORKING PROCEDURES. The Contractor shall provide a process flowchart showing the progression of cases from initial instruction through to completion; this shall be attached to this Agreement as Appendix 2. The process flowchart may be subject to change during the term of the Agreement to reflect changes to operational procedures and/or legislation. The Contractor must at all times perform their responsibilities in accordance with the Acts and Regulations governing their activities. More specifically they must at all times comply with the provisions detailed in The Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, Schedule 12Taking Control of Goods, The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013, The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014, and any other relevant legislation. The Contractor will also where appropriate to do so follow the guidance in the National Standards for Enforcement Agents issued by the Lord Chancellors Department in January 2012 (or any subsequent revision) and the code of practice issued by the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA). At all stages of the enforcement process where there is a dispute over the amount due to the Council the Contractor should clarify the position with the Council before they take further action.
WORKING PROCEDURES l. In its proceedings the panel shall follow the relevant provisions of this Understanding. In addition, the following working procedures shall apply.
WORKING PROCEDURES. The CMA shall be entitled to issue Working Procedures documents to Trading Parties from time to time setting out best practice guidance on specified aspects of the Market Code.