This Court definition

This Court or “the Court” means the NMI Supreme Court. A single justice of the Court may act on the Court’s behalf unless a specific rule requires action by the full panel.
This Court has held "[t]o the extent that a contract, or a provision thereof, purports to require a board to act or not act in such a fashion as to limit the exercise of fiduciary duties, it is invalid and unenforceable." The Delayed Redemption Provision "tends to limit in a substantial way the freedom of [newly elected] directors' decisions on matters of management policy." Therefore, "it violates the duty of each [newly elected] director to exercise his own best judgment on matters coming before the board." Id. (citing, among others, Paramount Comm., Inc. v. QVC Networks, Inc., 637 A.2d 34, 51 (Del. 1994) and Abercrombie x. Xxxxxx, 123 X.0x 000, 000 (Xxx. Xx. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 10, 2002, at 68.)

Examples of This Court in a sentence

  • This Court Report is brought to you for free and open access by the University of Denver Sturm College of Law at Digital Commons @ DU.

  • This Court should give deference to the Board’s reasonable interpretation of the NLRA on this issue.

  • See infra, Part I.B.2.1. This Court Should Give Deference to the NLRB’s Reasonable Interpretation of the NLRA in On Assignment Staffing That Opt-Out Provisions Do Not Rescue Arbitration Clauses Containing Class Waivers From Illegality In Morris, this Court deferred to the NLRB’s reasonable interpretation of the NLRA, in holding that a ban on class proceedings violates workers’ Section 7 rights.

  • This Court concludes that the “real estatecollateral” as to which stay relief was granted for a foreclosure sale included only the Debtors’ interests in the parcels of real estate, which were legally described in the foreclosure judgment, plus the improvements thereon.

  • This Court has often declared that the States have the power to protect the health of their people by police regulations directed to that end, and that regulations of that character are not to be disregarded because they may indirectly or incidentally affect interstate commerce.

  • This Court retains jurisdiction for the limited purpose of enforcing the terms of this Order.DONE and ORDERED this 23rd day of January, 2017.

  • This Court has consistently recognized “[o]ur national commitment to the safeguarding of these freedoms within university communities.” Regents of the Univ.

  • This Court must make clear that faculty do not imperil their First Amendment rights by seeking to vindicate them.

  • This Court has long recognized the importance of protecting academic freedom.

  • This Court cannot hear this motion at this time because the matter is on appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Related to This Court

  • the Court means the High Court;

  • Supreme Court means the North Carolina Supreme Court.

  • Ontario Court means the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

  • Tribal Court ’ means a court with juris- diction over child custody proceedings and which is either a Court of Indian Offenses, a court established and operated under the code or custom of an Indian tribe, or any other ad- ministrative body of a tribe which is vested with authority over child custody proceedings.

  • New York Courts means the state and federal courts sitting in the City of New York, Borough of Manhattan.

  • Chosen Courts has the meaning set forth in Section 9.10.

  • Competent Court means the Supreme Court of India or any High Court, or any tribunal or any similar judicial or quasi-judicial body that has jurisdiction in relation to issues relating to the Project.

  • Receivership court means the court in the insolvent or impaired insurer's state having jurisdiction over the conservation, rehabilitation, or liquidation of the member insurer.

  • Labour Court means the Labour Court established by section 151 of the Act and includes any judge of the Labour Court;