Option Shares definition

Option Shares shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.2(a).
Option Shares means the aggregate number of Shares which an Optionee may purchase under an Option.
Option Shares means Shares covered by an outstanding Option or purchased under an Option.

Examples of Option Shares in a sentence

  • The term “Underwriter” as used in this Agreement shall include any party substituted under this Section 6 with like effect as if it had originally been a party to this Agreement with respect to such Firm Shares or Option Shares.

  • If, within one (1) Business Day after such default relating to more than 10% of the number of Firm Shares or Option Shares, the Representative does not arrange for the purchase of such Firm Shares or Option Shares, then the Company (with respect to the Firm Shares only) shall be entitled to a further period of one (1) Business Day within which to procure another party or parties satisfactory to the Representative to purchase said Firm Shares or Option Shares on such terms.

  • The Option Shares shall be registered in such name or names and in such authorized denominations as the Representative may request in writing at least one (1) full Business Day prior to the Option Closing Date.

  • Payment for Option Shares shall be made on the applicable Option Closing Date by wire transfer in Federal (same day) funds, payable to the order of the Company upon delivery of certificates (in form and substance satisfactory to the Underwriters) representing the Option Shares (or through the facilities of DTC) for the account of the Underwriters to the Representative.

  • The Company hereby agrees to issue to the Representative (and/or its designees) on the Closing Date and on any Option Closing Date, one or more warrants for the purchase of an aggregate of [●] shares of Common Stock, representing 2% of the number of Firm Shares, in the case of the Closing Date and in the case of an Option Closing Date, [●]% of the Option Shares sold on such Option Closing Date, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A (the “Representative’s Warrants”).

More Definitions of Option Shares

Option Shares means (i) all shares of Common Stock issued or issuable upon the exercise of the Option and (ii) all shares of Common Stock issued with respect to the Common Stock referred to in clause (i) above by way of stock dividend or stock split or in connection with any conversion, merger, consolidation or recapitalization or other reorganization affecting the Common Stock. Option Shares shall continue to be Option Shares in the hands of any holder other than you (except for the Company and, to the extent that you are permitted to transfer Option Shares pursuant to paragraph 14 hereof, purchasers pursuant to a Public Sale), and each such transferee thereof shall succeed to the rights and obligations of a holder of Option Shares hereunder.
Option Shares means the number of shares of Common Stock subject to the option as specified in the Grant Notice.
Option Shares means outstanding shares of Stock that were issued to a Holder upon the exercise of a Stock Option.
Option Shares has the meaning specified in Section 2 of this Agreement.
Option Shares. 4,000 Shares subject to variation pursuant to clause 6.