Option Shares definition

Option Shares shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.2(a).
Option Shares means the aggregate number of Shares which an Optionee may purchase under an Option.
Option Shares means Shares covered by an outstanding Option or purchased under an Option.

Examples of Option Shares in a sentence

  • Optionholder understands and acknowledges that federal, state and foreign securities laws govern and restrict Optionholder’s right to offer, sell or otherwise dispose of any Option Shares unless Optionholder’s offer, sale or other disposition thereof is registered under the Securities Act and federal, state and foreign securities laws or, in the opinion of the Company’s counsel, such offer, sale or other disposition is exempt from registration thereunder.

  • Optionholder represents that when Optionholder exercises any portion of the Options he or she will be purchasing the Option Shares represented thereby for Optionholder’s own account and not on behalf of others.

  • The Underwriters shall not be under any obligation to purchase any Option Shares prior to the exercise of the Over-allotment Option.

  • If such delivery and payment for the Option Shares does not occur on the Closing Date, the Option Closing Date will be as set forth in the notice.

  • The Company shall not be obligated to sell or deliver the Option Shares except upon tender of payment by the Representative for applicable Option Shares.

More Definitions of Option Shares

Option Shares has the meaning specified in Section 2 of this Agreement.
Option Shares means the shares of Common Stock covered by this Option.
Option Shares means the number of shares of Common Stock subject to the option as specified in the Grant Notice.
Option Shares has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a).
Option Shares or means the Shares subject to the Option.
Option Shares means the shares of Issuer Common Stock issuable pursuant to the Option, as the number of such shares shall be adjusted pursuant to the terms hereof.