Funds on Deposit Sample Clauses

Funds on Deposit. The CITY shall have the power at all times to determine and designate the character and amount of the funds which will be deposited in the BANK. CITY deposits shall never be the subject of any garnishment or attachment, and BANK shall not recognize any attempt to garnish or attach same or be a party to any action.
Funds on Deposit. In the event that the financial guarantee is in the form of cash, certified check, irrevocable letter of credit, or other arrangement making the financial guarantee immediately accessible to the City, the City may immediately draw on a letter of credit, cash, a certified check, or demand payment by a surety. It may then deposit the financial guarantee in its general account. The City may then proceed to complete the Work, reimburse itself for the cost of completion as defined hereunder, and return the balance to the Subdivider.
Funds on Deposit. Customer agrees to place on deposit an amount equal ---------------- to $500,000 to secure future production. This $500,000 will not be used by Flextronics for any purpose other than: (1) to cover any delay in payment from agreed to schedules, or (2) cover outstanding exposure in the event of cancellation of production. If either party terminates this contract "for any reason" as set forth in section 8.2 (a) Termination, the $500,000 shall be returned to Customer after deduction of outstanding invoices, fees, or other costs associated with this contract. Flextronics will, in good faith, review Customer's creditworthiness periodically and may provide more favorable terms once it feels it is prudent to do so. Customer agrees to provide all necessary financial information required for Flextronics to make a proper assessment of creditworthiness. Flextronics further acknowledges the receipt of $200,000 from Customer which shall be applied solely to cover the cost of inventory required to manufacture the first 1000 ports of the INI assembly.
Funds on Deposit. In all circumstances when Maker has funds available on deposit in the Escrow Account (as defined in the Deposit and Escrow Agreement as defined below) maintained pursuant to that certain Deposit and Escrow Agreement (the "Deposit and Escrow Agreement") dated as of the date hereof among Maker, Payee, and Payee in Payee's capacity as Escrow Agent ("Escrow Agent"), Maker agrees and acknowledges that Payee shall have the right pursuant to Section 2(a) of the Deposit and Escrow Agreement to instruct Escrow Agent to release funds from the Escrow Account to make payments required under this Note.
Funds on Deposit. Upon an Event of Default, the Collateral Agent may direct that all funds received in the Cash Collateral Accounts shall be transferred to the Administrative Agent for application to the Loans. So long as no Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, funds on deposit in the REIT Cash Collateral Account shall be released to the extent it is established, pursuant to procedures substantially similar to those set forth in Section 9.06, that the Residual Value equals or exceeds 125% of the Combined REIT Debt.
Funds on Deposit. Company agrees to maintain sufficient funds on deposit in Company's demand deposit account at Company's bank to pay in full the total amounts debited to Company's account pursuant to this Agreement.
Funds on Deposit. In the event that the Guarantee is in the form of cash, certified check, irrevocable letter of credit, or other liquid instrument, the City may, after notice to the Developer, liquidate and deposit the Guarantee in its general account. The City may proceed to complete the Work, reimburse itself for the cost of completion, and return the balance to the Developer.

Related to Funds on Deposit

  • Cash Deposit No cash will be deposited into the certificate account on the closing date.

  • Interest on Deposits Any interest earned on cash deposits will be credited to CLEC in the amount actually earned or at the rate set forth in Section 8.7 below, whichever is lower, except as otherwise required by law, provided that, for elimination of doubt, the Parties agree that such deposits are not subject to state laws or regulations relating to consumer or End User Customer cash deposits. Cash deposits and accrued interest, if applicable, will be credited to CLEC's account or refunded, as appropriate, upon the earlier of the expiration of the term of this Agreement or the establishment of satisfactory credit with Qwest, which will generally be one full year of consecutive timely payments of undisputed amounts in full by CLEC. Upon a material change in financial standing, CLEC may request, and Qwest will consider, a recalculation of the deposit. The fact that a deposit has been made does not relieve CLEC from any requirements of this Agreement.

  • Interest on Deposit Liabilities The Assuming Institution agrees that, from and after Bank Closing, it will accrue and pay interest on Deposit liabilities assumed pursuant to Section 2.1 at a rate(s) it shall determine; provided, that for non-transaction Deposit liabilities such rate(s) shall not be less than the lowest rate offered by the Assuming Institution to its depositors for non-transaction deposit accounts. The Assuming Institution shall permit each depositor to withdraw, without penalty for early withdrawal, all or any portion of such depositor's Deposit, whether or not the Assuming Institution elects to pay interest in accordance with any deposit agreement formerly existing between the Failed Bank and such depositor; and further provided, that if such Deposit has been pledged to secure an obligation of the depositor or other party, any withdrawal thereof shall be subject to the terms of the agreement governing such pledge. The Assuming Institution shall give notice to such depositors as provided in Section 5.3 of the rate(s) of interest which it has determined to pay and of such withdrawal rights.

  • Cash Collateral Account Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, no notice given or declaration made by the Administrative Agent pursuant to this Article VI shall affect (i) the obligation of any LC Issuing Bank to make any payment under any Letter of Credit in accordance with the terms of such Letter of Credit or (ii) the obligations of each Lender in respect of each such Letter of Credit; provided, however, that if an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, the Administrative Agent shall at the request, or may with the consent, of the Majority Lenders, upon notice to the Borrower, require the Borrower to deposit with the Administrative Agent an amount in the cash collateral account (the “Cash Collateral Account”) described below equal to the LC Outstandings on such date. Such Cash Collateral Account shall at all times be free and clear of all rights or claims of third parties. The Cash Collateral Account shall be maintained with the Administrative Agent in the name of, and under the sole dominion and control of, the Administrative Agent, and amounts deposited in the Cash Collateral Account shall bear interest at a rate equal to the rate generally offered by Citibank for deposits equal to the amount deposited by the Borrower in the Cash Collateral Account, for a term to be determined by the Administrative Agent, in its sole discretion. The Borrower hereby grants to the Administrative Agent for the benefit of the LC Issuing Banks and the Lenders a Lien in and hereby assigns to the Administrative Agent for the benefit of LC Issuing Banks and the Lenders all of its right, title and interest in, the Cash Collateral Account and all funds from time to time on deposit therein to secure its reimbursement obligations in respect of Letters of Credit. If any drawings then outstanding or thereafter made are not reimbursed in full immediately upon demand or, in the case of subsequent drawings, upon being made, then, in any such event, the Administrative Agent may apply the amounts then on deposit in the Cash Collateral Account, toward the payment in full of any of the LC Outstandings as and when such obligations shall become due and payable. Upon payment in full, after the termination of the Letters of Credit, of all such obligations, the Administrative Agent will repay and reassign to the Borrower any cash then in the Cash Collateral Account and the Lien of the Administrative Agent on the Cash Collateral Account and the funds therein shall automatically terminate.

  • Disbursement Account 12.1 The Lender is obligated to keep the bank account information provided on the Platform up to date. The account shall be managed by a bank within the Single Euro Payment Area (hereinafter “SEPA”).

  • Cash Deposits Within the limitations of this Subsection, Purchaser shall make cash deposits to meet Purchaser’s obligations within 15 days of billing by Forest Service. Deposits shall be made to Forest Service, U.S.D.A., by mail or delivery to the address to be fur- nished by Forest Service. Forest Service shall explain the bill at the time it requests each deposit.