Definition of Exchange Provisions

Exchange Provisions means the exchange provisions formerly attached to the LLC Agreement as Annex A, and thereby made a part of the LLC Agreement.
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Examples of Exchange Provisions in a sentence

Exchange Provisions Initial Class: Shareholders of the Initial Class shares of each Fund will generally be entitled to exchange those shares at net asset value for Initial Class shares of other Funds that offer Initial Class shares.
We have also assumed that the Amended LLC Agreement, the Exchange Provisions, the Purchase Provisions, the Amended Partnership Agreement and the Underwriting Agreement will be executed and delivered in substantially the forms attached as exhibits to the Registration Statement, with only such changes therein as would not be material to the opinions expressed herein.
On the date of these Exchange Provisions, the General Partner is Kinder Morgan G.P., Inc.
The Exchange Provisions have been duly authorized by KMI, and when the Exchange Provisions and the Amended LLC Agreement are duly executed, adopted and delivered as provided therein, the owners of Shares will be entitled to the benefits thereof.
SECTION 5 Binding Effect on the Exchange Party 5.1 Adoption of Exchange Provisions by Exchange Party.