Human Relations Sample Clauses

Human Relations. Responsibilities ...........................................................................................
Human Relations. 9.1 Employee works effectively with fellow employees in a positive and validating manner.
Human Relations. This factor measures the skills required to interact effectively and resolve problems with other staff and with members of the general public or other organizations. Consideration should be given to the nature and purpose of such contacts and the extent to which courtesy, tact, persuasiveness, communication and negotiating skills are required. Levels
Human Relations. A) Maintains appropriate behavior in all work-related situations.
Human Relations. Fairness and impartiality; disciplinary control; evaluating performance; support and development of subordinates.
Human Relations. The Employer and employees will be fair, xxxxx and honest with all personnel at all times and respect their rights as employees and individual human beings. It is the belief and the intention of the Employer that each employee should be afforded the opportunity to derive satisfaction, pride and respect from the proper performance of his/her duties and from his/her association with the Employer.
Human Relations. 10.1 Employee works effectively and in a participatory manner with supervisor(s).
Human Relations. A. The Board and UTF are mutually committed to the human rights and dignities of all individuals employed by the Board, and agree that provisions of this Agreement shall be applied in a manner that does not violate the civil rights of employees under state and federal law, and without regard to membership in or association with the activities of any employee organization. Nothing herein shall be construed as preventing the Board from establishing a mandatory retirement age. No teacher shall be required to hold membership in any organization or to contribute directly or indirectly to any political party or any other organization or any agent or individual as a condition of employment or continuation of employment. A teacher shall not be prejudiced in his/her employment because he/she has joined or failed to join any lodge, religious group, employees' association, union, or other lawful organization; provided that nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to alter or modify the provisions of Article 4.
Human Relations. A. Is open-minded, objective and able to accept others as they are regardless of differences.
Human Relations. Demonstrates leadership for maintaining the overall morale of the building or departments Maintains professional relationships Respects students, staff and parents Shows genuine concern and warmth for others Comments: