Grievance Processing Sample Clauses

Grievance Processing. Union stewards or Union officials shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for the investigation and processing of grievances and arbitrations. Requests for such time off shall be made in advance and shall not be unreasonably denied. The Union will furnish the Employer with a list of Union stewards and their jurisdictions. The Union shall delineate the jurisdiction of Union stewards so that no xxxxxxx need travel between work locations or sub-divisions thereof while investigating grievances. Grievants shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for processing their grievances through the contractual grievance procedure, except that for class action grievances no more than three (3) grievants shall be granted such leave.
Grievance Processing. Disciplinary action is subject to the grievance procedure set forth in Section 9.2. Grievances relating to oral and written reprimands may be processed only through the Grievance Resolution Panel of the grievance procedure set forth in Section 9.3 and are not subject to arbitration.
Grievance Processing. No paid release time shall be used by Local 1 representatives for grievance investigation or preparation. An authorized Local 1 representative and the grievant shall be released from their regular work duties, with pay, where resolution meetings are scheduled by management during their working hours.
Grievance Processing. Reasonable time while on duty shall be permitted to Council representatives for the purposes of aiding or assisting or otherwise representing Employees in processing of grievances or exercising other rights set forth in this Agreement, and such reasonable time shall be without loss of pay.
Grievance Processing. Whenever practicable, the processing of grievances shall be handled during the university's regular work day. ASF Members who are required to participate in the processing of such grievances shall not be subject to a loss of wages for doing so; however, the number of ASF Members who may participate without loss of wages shall be limited to a maximum of three (3), inclusive of ASF Members who are representatives and/or officers of the Association.
Grievance Processing. STEP 1: Any grievance shall be discussed with the employee's immediate supervisor. If the issue is not resolved at the supervisor's level within fifteen (15) working days from the day of presentation, the issue may be processed to the second step. If the department head is the immediate supervisor, the grievance shall be in writing and contain the information specified in Step 2 below.
Grievance Processing. No Employee or Council representative shall leave his work assignment to investigate, file or process grievances without first securing permission of his supervisor. In the event of a grievance, the Employee shall always perform his assigned work task and grieve his complaint later, unless the Employee reasonably believes that the assignment endangers his safety.
Grievance Processing. The grievant and the POA Site Representative shall be entitled to process a grievance with no loss of pay or benefits.
Grievance Processing. The Parties to this Agreement are agreed it is of the utmost importance to address complaints and grievances as quickly as possible in accordance with the procedures as set out in this Article. For the purpose of this Article the word “employee” when used, will be interpreted to refer to any employee of the Employer who is a member of the bargaining unit. The grievor shall be allowed the necessary time off, with pay, to attend grievance meetings with the Employer.
Grievance Processing. 1. Step 1. Grievances shall be initiated within thirty (30) calendar days of the time the aggrieved or the Association knows or by reasonable diligence should have known of the alleged grievance. Grievances shall be reduced in writing, stating the specific Article(s) alleged to have been violated and clear explanation of the alleged violation sufficient to allow processing of the grievance. Grievances shall be submitted on the form identified as the Official Statement of Grievance Form (Appendix C). Teachers shall informally pursue resolution of the grievance with their immediate supervisor outside the bargaining unit during this time. The aggrieved, with or without the Association representation, shall submit the grievance to his/her immediate excluded educational supervisor. If the on-site supervisor is not the immediate educational supervisor then a grievance shall be submitted to both the educational supervisor and the on-site supervisor. The final decision shall rest with the educational supervisor within the time limits. The supervisor shall respond in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days from the receipt of the grievance, unless the grievance was filed prior to a scheduled vacation period, in this event, an extension may be requested, per Section C.6.