Further Review Sample Clauses

Further Review. Employees who do not agree with the decisions issued by Human Resources may request a further review. The further review process shall be as follows: (2003)
Further Review. Except where the matter is remanded for further review and recommendation pursuant to this Article, the final decision of the appeal board following the appeal procedures set forth in this Article shall be effective immediately and shall not be subject to further review. However, if the matter is remanded to the Trier of Fact, it shall promptly conduct its review and make its recommendations to the appeal board in accordance with the instructions given by the appeal board. This further review process and the time required to report back shall not exceed 30 calendar days in duration, except as the appeal board may otherwise stipulate.
Further Review. The parties shall convene no later than 30 June 2020 to review the classification structure and operational provisions as negotiated and implemented.
Further Review. Shareholders and the Purchaser may, prior to the Closing Date, through their representatives, review the properties, books and records of the Company or Purchaser, respectively, and each of its subsidiaries and its financial and legal condition as they deem necessary or advisable to familiarize themselves with such properties and other matters; such review shall not, however, affect the representations and warranties made by the other party hereunder or the remedies of the reviewing party for breaches of those representations and warranties. The Shareholders shall cause the Company and each of its subsidiaries to, and Purchaser shall permit, after the date of execution of this Agreement, full access to the premises and to all the books and records of the Purchaser and Company, respectively, and their subsidiaries and to cause the officers of the Purchaser and Company and each of their subsidiaries to furnish the reviewing party and their representatives with such financial and operating data and other information with respect to the business and properties of the Purchaser or Company, as the case may be, and their subsidiaries as the reviewing party shall from time to time reasonably request. In the event of termination of this Agreement, the reviewing party shall keep confidential any material information obtained from the Purchaser, the Shareholders or the Company or any subsidiary concerning respective properties, operations and business (unless readily ascertainable from public or published information or trade sources) until the same ceases to be material (or becomes so ascertainable) and, at the request of the reviewed party, shall return to the reviewed party and its subsidiaries all copies of any schedules, statements, documents or other written information obtained in connection therewith. The reviewed party shall deliver or cause to be delivered such additional instruments as the reviewing party may reasonably request for the purpose of consummating the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Further Review. I understand that my options account is subject to further review and acceptance. Transactions in my account made prior to such review and acceptance are valid transactions, notwithstanding future restrictions or limitations you may place on my account. Additional information about options is available through xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.
Further Review. 1. If the complainant is not satisfied with the response of the Senior Executive of Intercountry Adoption or the Senior Executive of US Programs, the Client may request further review. The request for review must: • Be written or emailed • Submitted within 20 working days of receipt of the Xxxx response to the initial complaint. • Specify the nature of the objections to the decision or conclusions contained in the initial Xxxx response.
Further Review. Prior to any subsequent reuse by TV College, the faculty member shall be given one-half of a summer term assignment at his prevailing salary rate for further editing and review.
Further Review. Prior to specific plan approval of Phases 2, 3, and 4 of the Project, the Developer or its successor shall submit an air-quality analysis regarding applicable Phases 2, 3, and 4 transportation improvements consistent with the statutes and rules in effect at that time. If any unmitigated, adverse, air-quality impacts are identified as being caused by traffic generated by the Project, this DO shall be amended to incorporate conditions for curing or mitigating such impacts. In the event that the required transportation analysis identifies additional intersection improvements needed to accommodate the impacts of the Project, DRI-level analysis for potential air-quality impacts shall be conducted and the results provided to the TRBPC, the FDEP, and the County for review. Any improvements determined necessary to mitigate air quality impacts shall be required in a DO amendment.
Further Review. 14. The Company may invoke the Dispute Resolution Procedure under the International Project Agreement in order to challenge any decisions of the Committee of Ministers in respect of matters contemplated in sections 2(2)(a) or 2(2)(b) of this Article.
Further Review. In accordance with Section V.C.4 of this Agreement, the Parties acknowledge that the full buildout of the CPHP would not satisfy the Housing Contribution and therefore, a portion of the Housing Contribution may require future permitting and environmental review in compliance with CEQA. The Parties retain discretion to makerevisions based on the environmental review documents and information.