Definition of Business Objectives

Business Objectives means one or more financial, operational, organizational, strategic or similar goals established for a Performance Period that reflect current business priorities and against which the Company's or a Division's performance will be measured.
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Examples of Business Objectives in a sentence

The MIP is intended to provide incentives to such persons to exert their maximum efforts on behalf of the Company by rewarding them with additional compensation when the Company or Profit Center and/or the Participant have achieved the financial performance and Individual Business Objectives, respectively, provided for in the MIP.
The total Bonus Award Opportunity will relate to the financial performance of the Company, one or more Profit Centers, or Individual Business Objectives or any combination thereof.
In the event a new employee is designated as a Participant, the Committee shall notify the new Participant of his or her financial performance award opportunities and his or her Individual Business Objectives on which any cash award will be based.
The Committee shall determine the actual level of performance achieved by Participants for their Individual Business Objectives.
Each Participant will be notified in writing (Participant Letter) of his or her Bonus Award Opportunity, the Participants financial performance opportunities set for the Company and/or his or her Profit Center, if applicable, and the portion of his or her Bonus Award Opportunity allocated to the Participants Individual Business Objectives, if any.