Force Account Sample Clauses

Force Account. The Change Order cost is accomplished by Force Account in the event the Contractor and Design Professional cannot agree on the cost of the Change Order or the cost cannot be reasonably determined prior to beginning the Work.
Force Account. The Recipient agrees that FTA may determine the extent to which Federal assistance may be used to participate in force account costs.
Force Account. Works which meet the requirements of paragraph 3.8 of the Guidelines, and costing $2,500,000 equivalent or less in the aggregate, may, with the Bank’s prior agreement, be carried out by force account in accordance with the provisions of said paragraph of the Guidelines.
Force Account. Term used when work is ordered to be done at the sole option of the Department and is to be billed for at cost of labor, materials and equipment, insurance(s), taxes, etc., plus a percentage for overhead and profit.
Force Account. The Owner may, in the absence of agreement on the terms of a Change Order, order the Contractor to proceed with a change in the Work by Force Account, and its payment shall be as provided in the subsection titled PAYMENT FOR FORCE ACCOUNT WORK. On receipt of the Owner’s directive to proceed with a change in the Work by Force Account, the Contractor shall promptly proceed with the changed Work. If the Owner and the Contractor agree on any adjustments in the Contract Sum and/or Contract Time, such written agreement will be effective immediately and the parties shall execute a Change Order for such changes. 90-5 PAYMENT FOR FORCE ACCOUNT WORK. If the Work to be performed by Force Account provides for an adjustment in the Contract Sum, such Work shall be measured and paid for by unit prices stated in the Contract Documents or, if there are no unit prices in the Contract Documents, then either (i) mutual acceptance of a lump sum properly itemized and supported by sufficient substantiating data to permit evaluation by the Owner; or (ii) costs to be determined in a manner agreed upon by the Parties and a mutually acceptable fixed or percentage fee; or, in the absence of one of the foregoing agreements, any adjustment in the Contract Sum shall be limited as follows:
Force Account. If the Municipality intends to construct the Project with municipal labor or materials, it shall obtain written authorization from MaineDOT to use a force-account process.
Force Account. 4. The methods of procurement are subject to, among other things, the detailed arrangements and threshold values set forth in the Procurement Plan. The Borrower may only modify the methods of procurement or threshold values with the prior agreement of ADB, and modifications must be set out in updates to the Procurement Plan. National Competitive Bidding
Force Account. (October 10, 2008 APWA GSP) Supplement this section with the following: The Contracting Agency has estimated and included in the Proposal, dollar amounts for all items to be paid per force account, only to provide a common proposal for Bidders. All such dollar amounts are to become a part of Contractor's total bid. However, the Contracting Agency does not warrant expressly or by implication, that the actual amount of work will correspond with those estimates. Payment will be made on the basis of the amount of work actually authorized by Engineer.