Notice of Commencement Sample Clauses

Notice of Commencement. A Notice of Commencement shall be filed by the Contractor with the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county in which the Project is located, pursuant to O.C.G.ATitle 36 Chapter 91.
Notice of Commencement. Lessee shall provide Lessor with any amended Notice of Commencement filed in accordance with Michigan Statue, and any Notice of Furnishing (as defined in Michigan Statute) received by Lessee during the course of construction of any Improvements on the Leased Premises.
Notice of Commencement. At least 20 days prior to commencing any work relating to any alterations, improvements or additions approved by Landlord, Tenant shall notify Landlord in writing of the expected date of commencement. Tenant shall pay, when due, all claims for labor or materials furnished to or for Tenant for use in improving the Premises. Tenant shall not permit any mechanics’ or materialmen’s liens to be levied against the Premises arising out of work performed, materials furnished, or obligations to have been performed on the Premises by or at the request of Tenant. Tenant hereby defends, indemnifies and holds Landlord harmless against loss, damage, attorneysfees and all other expenses on account of claims of lien of laborers or materialmen or others for work performed or materials or supplies furnished for Tenant or its contractors, agents or employees. If Tenant fails to discharge or undertake to defend against such liability, upon receipt of written notice from Landlord of such failure, Tenant shall have fifteen (15) days (the “Defense Cure Period”) to cure such failure by prosecuting such a defense. If Tenant fails to do so within the Defense Cure Period, then Landlord may settle the same and Tenant’s liability to Landlord shall be conclusively established by such settlement provided that such settlement is entered into on commercially reasonable terms and conditions, the amount of such liability to include both the settlement consideration and the costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by Landlord in effecting such settlement. In the event any contractor, agent or employee notifies Tenant of its intent to file a mechanics’ or materialmen’s lien against the Premises, Tenant shall immediately notify Landlord of such intention to file a lien or a lawsuit with respect to such lien. Landlord should also immediately notify Tenant if any complaint, lawsuit or other action with respect to a mechanic’s lien is filed or commenced. Within the time period allotted to answer such action, such complaint or respond to such lawsuit or other action, Tenant shall either: (a) settle the lawsuit without recourse to Landlord, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, or (b) post such bond as may be required under Maryland law to preclude the granting of a mechanics’ or materialmen’s lien against the Premises.
Notice of Commencement. After Owner has approved the Design Documents for the Detailed Design, Owner shall issue a notice to commence the Work directing Design/Builder to proceed with the Work on the date indicated in the notice (the “Commencement Date”). The notice to commence Work shall be issued at least ten (10) days prior to the Commencement Date.
Notice of Commencement. Work performed or to be performed by a tenant under a Lease, or on behalf of a tenant or subtenant under a Lease, affecting the Property (in each case, as a result of the tenant contracting for such work) will not be Seller’s responsibility. Accordingly, neither notices of commencement of work to be performed by contractors or subcontractors engaged by such tenants or subtenants (but not Seller) nor any liens filed with respect to any such work performed will constitute New Exceptions, and the same, if any, shall constitute Permitted Exceptions. In addition, any ongoing work being performed by Seller shall not constitute New Exceptions and the costs and risks of such work shall be allocated between Purchaser and Seller in accordance with Section 10.5 below.
Notice of Commencement. File a Notice of Commencement with Broward County and provide Lessor with a copy of same;
Notice of Commencement. Contractor shall, at its expense and prior to the performance of any Work at the Site, prepare and record a properly executed “Notice of Commencement” in the county in which the Project is located, and post a copy of said notice in a prominent location at the Site, in accordance with the Applicable Law. The Notice of Commencement shall indicate the scheduled completion date of the Project and a copy of any required Contractor payment bond shall be attached to the recorded notice. A stamped “filed” copy of the Notice of Commencement, and a photograph of the Notice of Commencement posted at the site, shall be furnished to the Owner prior to the start of any Work at the Site and as a condition precedent to any Contractor right to any payment. Within ten (10) days after a Subcontractor or laborer serve the Contractor with a written request for a copy of the Notice of Commencement, the Contractor shall serve a copy of the Notice of Commencement on the person making the request, simultaneously providing the Owner with a copy of the request and of the Contractor’s reply. Portions of this Exhibit, indicated by the mark “[***],” were omitted and have been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Registrant’s application requesting confidential treatment pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
Notice of Commencement. Tenant agrees not to cause or permit the Contractor to commence construction and shall not disburse any funds to Contractor, any subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, materialmen and laborers until a Notice of Commencement is recorded pursuant to Chapter 713.13 of the Florida Statutes, a certified copy of such Notice of Commencement has been posted on the construction site, and an Affidavit of such posting is furnished to Landlord. Such Notice of Commencement shall not be recorded without Landlord's prior written consent to the form and content of same which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. The form of the Notice of Commencement shall be in accordance with Exhibit "B-3" attached hereto. Landlord shall be named on the Notice of Commencement to receive copies of Notices to Owner. Landlord may desire to inquire and communicate directly with various parties named in statements provided to Landlord by Tenant and Contractor or those parties who give a Notice to Owner. Tenant hereby authorizes Landlord to make such inquiries and authorize those parties to furnish the information required by Landlord.