Food Services Sample Clauses

Food Services. The School District will provide for all applicable Student meals as required by State and Federal law and School District rules and procedures as applicable when students attend a College site. Students may purchase food from College food service facilities when on the College campus.
Food Services. To the extent the Charter School offers a food service program, the Charter School shall ensure that the program complies with all applicable laws governing food service for students.
Food Services. The School shall provide food services to its students consistent with applicable Florida Statutes. If the School elects to participate in the National School Lunch Program it shall follow all applicable federal rules and regulations.
Food Services. ‌ If a School offers any type of food service on campus, the School shall comply with all applicable federal, state and county laws, ordinances, codes, rules, or regulations related to food services, including the handling, preparing, and serving of food.
Food Services. A. If requested to do so by the School, the District will provide free and reduced price meals to qualifying students in a manner determined by the District and in accordance with School Board policy and applicable federal and state law.
Food Services. IPS shall provide food services at the School and receive all revenue related to its provision of such services. Operator shall provide to IPS all information reasonably necessary for IPS to provide such services, including without limitation, all demographic information required by law for all students enrolled in the School to qualify for and participate in the free and reduced price breakfast, lunch, and such programs. IPS will provide all food services under this Agreement at a level comparable to such services provided to students at schools operated by IPS. Operator may terminate IPS’ provision of food services for the next school year by providing written notice of such termination no later than May 1 each year.
Food Services. Upon request by the Red Cross, and if such resources exist and are available, the Owner will make the food service resources of the Facility, including food, supplies, equipment and food service workers, available to feed the shelter occupants. The Facility Coordinator will designate a Food Service Manager to coordinate the provision of meals at the direction of and in cooperation with the Shelter Manager. The Food Service Manager will establish a feeding schedule, determine food service inventory and needs, and supervise meal planning and preparation. The Food Service Manager and Shelter Manager will jointly conduct a pre-occupancy inventory of the food and food service supplies in the Facility before it is turned over to the Red Cross.
Food Services. The standard workday shall be a period of 24 hours containing 8 consecutive hours of work interrupted by rest periods. Employee assigned as staff relief will be compensated per Article 25, Section 6. Food service Coordinators who have completed trial service may bid shifts in order of seniority. For the purpose of this document seniority shall be defined as agency time in class as a Food Service Coordinator. If two or more employees have the same time in class, seniority shall then be determined by a onetime number draw. Management will coordinate work assignments and day off and shall make the information available to the employees prior to the bid. The bid shall take place six (6) weeks prior to the actual changing of shift rotations. Schedule change will be posted four (4) weeks prior to starting. Shift rotations will occur the first Sunday in the month of February and August. Food Service Coordinator assignments in the special functions, warehouse, and bakery will not be included in the shift rotations. These positions are assigned by management through a selection process giving deference to specific work experience. These positions are listed on a two (2) year rotation when new consideration shall be given by the manager. Written criteria will be available at the time of rotations to cover the requirements for each position. The potential vacancies shall occur within a six (6) month period establishing separate start times. The vacancies shall be posted and all interested employees shall submit in writing to the manager a request for consideration to fill the post. Time off requests will be granted by management on a first request basis. If two or more employees request the same period of time and the matter cannot be resolved the matter will be settled through Article 32, Section 10(d). Provisions can be made for extraordinary or extenuating circumstances that require specific days off. Variances from the days off rotation will be allowed after review and mutual agreement by both management and staff members.
Food Services. 1.2.1. The Catering SFA agrees to prepare specified meals for delivery INCLUSIVE/EXCLUSIVE (Choose one) of milk to the site(s) specified in Paragraph 1.3, per the required menu planning option specified in Section 2.3.2.
Food Services. Shelter Providers must provide three meals per day to each program participant: breakfast, lunch and a hot dinner, or meals on another schedule as defined by the funder contract. Shelter Providers may cater meals in and/or make arrangements to ensure food service compliance. Shelter Providers must ensure meals can accommodate clients who have special dietary needs due to a documented medical condition, or due to religious beliefs. Meal schedules must be covered during intake and orientation with participants. Meal schedules must be updated weekly and posted in common areas for participants’ access. Meals must be served in an area specifically designated for meal consumption where adequate space for seated dining is available for each participant, including those with mobility devices. Meals must be nutritionally adequate in accordance with United States Department of Agriculture. Meal preparation and distribution will be in compliance with OC Health Care Agency Safe Food Handling Requirements.