Firefighter Sample Clauses

Firefighter. Paramedics requesting to transfer into a Firefighter status shall receive a reduction in compensation equivalent to the differential between Firefighter/Paramedic and Firefighter at equivalent steps at the time of transfer. Firefighter/Paramedics may only change status to Firefighter if there is a current approved Firefighter vacancy.
Firefighter. B. Shift xxxxxxx is mandatory. For purposes of this article only full-time, qualified, career District employees represented by this CBA will be used to meet staffing levels listed above. Staffing levels for any additional station(s) or apparatus that may be placed in service shall be subject to negotiations and be placed in the Article.
Firefighter. Uniform tunic 1 only every seventh year Work jacket 1 only every second year Cold weather coat 1 only every fifth year Raincoat 1 only every tenth year Trousers 2 pair every year Shirt, dress 1 only every fifth year Shirt, work 3 each every year Shirt, winter 1 only every year may be substituted for a "Shirt, work" Necktie 1 only every fifth year
Firefighter. (1) The “A” Step shall be the beginning rate for Firefighter.
Firefighter. Firefighters shall perform any and all duties that the Chief or their superior officers may direct. They shall familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the Fire Department and shall obey all orders and commands.
Firefighter. All new uniformed members of the Billings Fire Department who have satisfactorily 10 completed their probationary period shall be classified as Firefighter.
Firefighter. I - employee is eligible for promotion upon demonstration of successful completion of NFPA Firefighter I requirements. Employees hired after July 1, 1993 must successfully demonstrate NFPA Firefighter I proficiencies no later than eighteen (18) months from the date of hire as a condition of employment.