Features Sample Clauses

Features. The CCIA shall be an area where:
Features. The Therapeutic Links Basic Service of eHealth allows the handling of the Therapeutic Links between a patient and professionals to authorise them to consult the patient’s medical data. This service is linked to Metahub Service (see corresponding SLA for more information). If a patient consent is active at the MetaHub level, healthcare professionals can access the medical documents of a patient only when a therapeutic link that justifies this consultation exists. Only authorised types of professionals (doctor, nurse, dentist, midwife, pharmacist) or professional organisations (Insurance organisations, CIN, Vitalink) may access to the TherLink WS. Also patients can access it through specialized frontend software. It needs to have a valid token from the eHealth STS to get access to this webservice.  Get Therapeutic links [GetTherapeuticLinkRequest]: allows for verification whether a therapeutic link exists between a healthcare professional and a patient. This service relays all the requests to a CIN webservice that has this information. The response of this service will then be relayed back.  Declare or revoke Therapeutic links [PutTherapeuticLinkRequest – RevokeTherapeuticLinkRequest]: declares/revokes a Therapeutic link between a healthcare professional and a patient. This is also a relay service with CIN webservice. Some therapeutic links may be provisioned in the CIN DB by other means (e.g. GMD links which can’t be declared/revoked within eHealth webservices or webapplication). Call is made to CoBRHA for validation of the HC professional. Note: the validity of the SSIN and support card numbers is checked through the ID Support Webservice which relays the request to a CBSS webservice at the consultation, the declaration and the revocation of the Therapeutic relations.
Features. 2.5.1 911 Service 911 service is delivered to a Customer location in one of two methods (1) via a dedicated analog (POTS) line at the facility or (2) via VOIP 911 service. The choice of the method chosen per location depends on availability of VOIP 911 service. LightEdge retains the right to change the method of deployment. Customer acknowledges that it is their responsibility to inform any party using or any party that might use the Service of the differences between traditional 911 and this service noted below:  911 service may not function during a loss of power to either the phones, the telephone equipment or other equipment necessary to route 911 calls to the appropriate emergency call center.  911 service may not function if LightEdge provided equipment is tampered with.  911 service will not function if network connectivity is unavailable.  911 service will reflect an incorrect geographic location to first responders if: - Phone is physically moved to a different location without first notifying LightEdge. - Incorrect physical address is provided by Customer. - Customer or End User overrides the original Caller ID of the phone. - Due to any delays in updating or loading automatic number identification and location information into E911 databases. Certain features may not be compatible with 911 service. LightEdge reserves the right to refuse provisioning or modification of features or service if such provisioning or modification adversely affects 911 service. - Remote Office: 911 service not available - Personal Mobility Pack: 911 service not available - Softphone: 911 service not available - Shared Call Appearance: purchase of second seat required to maintain 911 service Customer bears full responsibility for testing 911 service after Service installation and periodically throughout the duration of Service and to notify LightEdge if any issues are noted with 911 service. Customer agrees to cooperatively test 911 service and share the results of such testing at the request of LightEdge. If LightEdge requests testing of 911 service and does not receive confirmation within one (1) business week that such testing has been performed then LightEdge reserves the right to dispatch a technician to perform testing of 911 services and Customer agrees to be liable for the cost of such testing. LightEdge reserves the right to disable Service if Customer does not cooperate with 911 testing. Service so disable shall not apply for SLA credit nor relieve Custome...
Features. The Store will provided browsers with several different (i.e., genre specific) featured albums depending on area in the Store the browser is in. Albums selected for featuring will normally contain complete descriptive details (e.g., artist name, album title, tracks, cover art, sound bytes (if available), fulfillment status, etc,.). The feature album list(s) will be updated automatically by AEC and AMG on a weekly basis. AEC and AMG staff will determine the albums that will be featured on a weekly basis. The feature album list will be uploaded into the Store database via an automated application process.
Features. (a) Dealer shall receive up to eight (8) accounts (“TIS Accounts”) Toyota Information Systems (TIS) accounts (“TIS”) for Customers per calendar year.
Features. The Service uses the VESTA 9-1-1 emergency call handling solution which provides a variety of configurable features including user features, call distribution and ACD features. A subset of these is provided below.