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Features. The CCIA shall be an area where:
Features. Recreational uses and facilities located within shoreline jurisdiction shall include features related to access to, enjoyment of, and use of shorelines of the state.
Features. The MetaHub Basic Service of the eHealth platform ensures, with the authorisation of the concerned patient, the interconnection between local and regional systems (Hub) for medical information exchange to allow care provider to find and consult available electronic medical documents of a patient independently from the location of the document storage and the location of the care provider. MetaHub is a referential repository keeping information on the patient consent to share some medical files as the patient summary and the link between a patient and a hub. Only authorised Hubs may access to the MetaHub. They need to have a valid token from the eHealth STS to get access to the MetaHub. Hubs are made of cluster of health organisation as hospitals. It is composed of two major set of services. The first set of services ensures the management of the patient links. The second one ensures the management of the access to these links: the informed patient consent or “Consentement éclairé du patient/Geïnformeerde toestemming”, the therapeutic links and exclusions or “liens thérapeutiques et exclusions/Therapeutische relaties en uitsluitingen” and access audits. The first set of services covers the patient links management. It allows a hub to know where it can find information about a patient outside of its network. MetaHub simply provides the list of hubs that have information about a patient. It is not the MetaHub’s role to know where, within a (sub) regional health network, the information is stored. It is thus more a “locator service” than a “routing component”: there are no “document” exchanges that transit throughout the component. It consists of • Get the patient links [GetPatientLinksRequest]: retrieval of information about which other hubs have a link to a certain patient • Declare or revoke a patient link [DeclarePatientLinkRequest – RevokePatientLinkRequest]: declares/revokes a link between the patient and the hub (request sender). The link declaration indicates that the hub has at least a transaction about the patient. The second set covers the access to the patient links and is divided in 4 parts: • The informed patient consents: When a patient consent is active at the MetaHub level, the transactions about the patient can be shared between hubs. A link to a patient can only be consulted if the patient has provided his consent to the system. o Get the patient consent [GetPatientConsentRequest]: allows a hub to check the existence of an informed patient c...
Features. Simple, easy to use browser based service. Works via the Government Gateway (the common access point for government departments). Uses dual levels of protection (a secured network as well as encryption). Requires electronic signatures to ensure that information has been sent by an approved party. Tracks progress and provides email progress notifications. Transfers large volumes of data in a single file (currently 2GB up to 10 GB in the future). Encryption provides protection for personal and financial details*. Offered free of charge to the Client’s business customers. * For government users this system has been accredited to handle information with a protective marking of 'restricted'.
Features. A One Glasgow project has the following distinct features:  the programme or project requires the engagement of all of the Community Planning partners in the consideration of the issue for service redesign or system change  it affects large sections of Glasgow’s population, either directly or indirectly, and attracts large volumes of Glasgow’s total public service expenditure, shared by a range of partners  it delivers the priorities set out in the SOA  it has the potential to maintain or improve outcomes in the city while delivering services with fewer resources  a service area where the governance, financial and delivery landscape is complex and where reducing duplication and improving collaboration on the ground can be difficult to achieve  early evidence suggests the issue requires a whole systems change and improvement and there is evidence this can deliver benefits and be sustained  there is evidence of repeat presentations by individuals creating high cost service demand and/or failure demand where issues are dealt with at a crisis level rather than earlier  it accelerates the use of early intervention and prevention approaches to improve the outcomes for individuals and their families  the system change can go to scale across the city, being adapted to suit community needs, and to enhance the mix of service provision locally between agencies, the third sector, and the community; and  it is an area where increased service demand is anticipated and service redesign will result in cost avoidance while maintaining the service or improving outcomes Techniques and Processes One Glasgow project development and management is characterised by:  evidence gathering about current service user needs and demands across all partners, specifically a financial count where partners identify the cost of the current service or issue  a scoping workshop(s) with all partners represented at an appropriate senior level to consider the issue and agree it has potential to meet the programme criteria  a service map of the ‘as is’ processes and provision by partners and an initial ‘to be’ of the redesigned service to gauge the potential for system change  a proof of concept operational phase to test all new ways of working (Wave one)  a roll out and go to scale phase across the city (Wave two) one proof of concept is completed  all projects have to be capable of going to scale across the city (Wave one & two). There are no pilot projects as part of One Glasgow...
Features. If you have Bill Pay, you may use the e-Bill Service to instruct your participating Billers to send your billing statements, such as your utility and department store account bills (collectively, “e-bills”), to you through Bill Pay and e-Bankoh. Once your Billers are added to e-Bill Service, billing statements from your Billers will appear on e-Bankoh shortly after they are issued by your Billers, and you will be able to make payments to your Billers through Bill Pay. When you activate e-Bill Service for your Billers, we either will notify the Xxxxxx of your request to receive e-bills, or use your username and password to obtain your e-bill pursuant to your authorization in the Sub Paragraph titled ”YOUR AUTHORIZATIONS” below. The presentment of your first e-bill may vary from Xxxxxx to Xxxxxx and may take up to sixty (60) days, depending on the billing cycle of your account with each Xxxxxx. Additionally, your continuing receipt of a paper copy of your billing statement(s) is at the sole discretion of the Xxxxxx. While e-Bill Service is being activated for your e-bill, it is your responsibility to keep your accounts with your Billers current. Each of your Billers may reserve the right to accept or deny your request to receive e-bills.
Features. ● Waived student application fee for all participating Massachusetts Guarantee independent institutions ● Guaranteed transfer of associate degree credits or courses successfully completed. ● Guaranteed admission - given the student has met all eligibility criteria for the selected Massachusetts Guarantee institution, and the institution has available capacity within the intended major ● Junior status upon matriculation ● No admission essay required ● Institutional financial incentives (varying by institution) ● Adherence to the Guiding Principles (Appendix B) Appendix B:
Features. The above products may include features, as listed in the Seller's documentation, as determined by Seller which may be either included in Buyer's Service or priced as further set forth in the relevant Service Order or separate price list. Feature availability is subject to change from time to time, and Xxxxx should consult the Seller's documentation for an up to date listing. Service packages are also subject to change. Certain features, such as Directory Assistance and Operator Services, will incur additional charges based on use. Seller can provide current price lists upon request.