Community needs definition

Community needs means those requisites for improvement or maintenance of health status in the community.
Community needs means those requisites for improvement or maintenance of health
Community needs. Grantee shall provide programming meeting the needs of the community, including programming devoted to minorities, sports, music, children, business and financial affairs, arts and culture, science, public affairs, foreign culture and language, and South Carolina. Grantee shall provide a diversity of programming about South Carolina, but Grantee shall be under no obligation to create original programming. REGULATION

Examples of Community needs in a sentence

  • Community needs, concerns, and perceptions about health research: findings from the clinical and translational science award sentinel network.

  • The College, through the Community Learning Centres, offer programmes that will ensure that learners attain skills that will enable them to either find employment or establish their own enterprises and finally which are Community needs based.

  • Community needs and approaches to address those needs will be identified by each team in consultation with their Key Stakeholders.

  • Community needs resulting from COVID-19 are rapidly evolving and may differ from community to community.

  • This process encourages imaginative thinking, problem solving, goal setting, and teamwork.All residencies should relate to:• Core curriculum or Florida Standards Assessment at (for residencies targeted to pre-K through grade 12); or• Community needs and goals (for residencies not targeted toward pre-K through grade12.

  • Programming that takes place while Youth are on summer break or other school breaks will vary by community and should align with programming gaps and Community needs.

  • Through community engagement, HSD collaborates with community members and potential service providers to: Identify and address:• Community needs in the selected investment area.

  • Community needs to be willing to contribute time and resources and demand better education services.

  • Community needs are being met by the services offeredHere is more Head Start language you may hear during your term as a Policy Council representative: TermDescriptionTermDescriptionAgencyWhen we use the term “Agency” we refer to HSOLC as a whole.CDAChild Development Associate.

  • Community needs recognize a diversity of issues, and local control recognizes a variety of approaches to solving problems, ones that tend to be bottom-up not top-down.

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  • Community services means any type of counseling and advice, emergency assistance, medical care,

  • Community service means compulsory service, without

  • Community basin means an infiltration system, sand filter designed to infiltrate, standard constructed wetland, or wet pond, established in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:8-4.2(c)14, that is designed and constructed in accordance with the New Jersey Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual, or an alternate design, approved in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:8-5.2(g), for an infiltration system, sand filter designed to infiltrate, standard constructed wetland, or wet pond and that complies with the requirements of this chapter.

  • Community setting means a location outside a hospital inpatient, acute care setting or a hospital clinic setting. A community setting may include, but is not limited to, a home, group home, assisted living facility, correctional facility, hospice, or long-term care facility.

  • Community location means a public or private elementary or secondary school, a church, a public library, a public playground, or a public park.

  • Community mental health center or "CMHC" means a facility offering a comprehensive array of community-based mental health services, including but not limited to, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, emergency care, consultation and education; and, certain services at the option of the center, including, but not limited to, prescreening, rehabilitation services, pre-care and aftercare, training programs, and research and evaluation.

  • Community school means a community school established under Chapter 3314. of the Revised Code.

  • Community-Wide Standard means the standard of conduct, maintenance or other activity generally prevailing in the Community. Such standard may be more specifically determined by the Board of Directors of the Association. Such determination, however, must be consistent with the Community-Wide Standard originally established by the Declarant.

  • Community mental health program means all mental health

  • community centre means any school, railway station, police station and other location providing a service to the community;

  • Community health worker means an individual who:

  • Community Member means any member of the public.

  • Community air carrier means an air carrier with a valid operating licence granted by a Member State in accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 2407/92 of 23 July 1992 of licensing of air carriers(7) ;

  • Community association means an association in which membership is a condition of ownership or shareholder interest of a unit in a condominium, cooperative, townhouse, villa, or other residential unit that is part of a residential development plan as a master association or common interest community and that is authorized to impose an assessment and other costs that may become a lien on the unit or lot.

  • Community means Ascension St. Vincent Fishers’ primary service area, although not exclusive to, is Hamilton County which is in central Indiana. A Patient will also be deemed to be a member of the Organization’s Community if the emergency and medically necessary care the Patient requires is continuity of emergency and medically necessary care received at another Ascension Health facility where the Patient has qualified for financial assistance for such emergency and medically necessary care.

  • Community-based means a facility, program or service, or open group home or other suitable place located near the home or family of the juvenile, and programs of community supervision and service which maintain community participation in their planning, operation, and evaluation. These programs may include but are not limited to medical, educational, vocational, social, and psychological guidance, training, counseling, alcoholism treatment, drug treatment, diversion programs for first-time offenders, transitional living, independent living and other rehabilitative services;

  • Community restitution means compulsory service, without

  • Community rehabilitation program means a program that provides directly or facilitates the provision of one or more of the following vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities to enable those individuals to maximize their opportunities for employment, including career advancement:

  • Community organization means a nonprofit organization that has a demonstrated capacity to train, develop, and organize parents and community leaders into a constituency that will hold the school and the school district accountable for achieving high academic standards; in addition to organizations with a geographic focus, "community organization" includes general parent organizations, organizations of special education or bilingual education parents, and school employee unions (Section 10 of the Act).

  • Community protection zone means the area within eight

  • Community water system means a public water system which serves at least 15 service connections used by year-round residents or regularly serves at least 25 year-round residents.

  • Community rate means a rate of payment based on a per member per month capitation rate or its equivalent that applies to a combination of the subscriber groups for a comprehensive medical plan carrier. References in this subchapter to ‘‘a combination of cost and price analysis’’ relating to the ap- plicability of policy and contract clauses refer to comprehensive medical plan carriers using community rates.

  • Home and community-based services or "HCBS" means Home and Community-Based Services as defined in OAR chapter 411, division 004.

  • Community Council or “Council” means a duly elected body of MNO citizens that represents a Charter Community,

  • Community land trust means an entity that meets the requirements of section 462A.31, subdivisions 1 and 2.

  • Community spouse means a spouse of an institutionalized spouse for the purposes of rules 441—75.5(249A), 441—75.16(249A), and 441—76.10(249A).