Substitute Sample Clauses

Substitute. A casual employee who replaces a permanent employee absent from duty as defined in Article 1, B-7.
Substitute. An employee who is employed to fill a full-time or part-time position on a per diem or hourly basis while the regular employee is absent or on an approved leave. It is expressly understood and agreed that a substitute shall in no case fill a bargaining unit position in excess of the probationary period as defined above.
Substitute. If, in the reasonable judgment of the Department, a default by Contractor is not so substantial as to require Contract termination, reasonable efforts to induce Contractor to cure the default are unavailing, Contractor fails to cure such default within 10 days of receipt of Notice from the Department, and the default is capable of being cured by the Department or by another resource without unduly interfering with continued performance by Contractor, the Department may, without prejudice to any other remedy it may have, provide or procure the Deliverables or Services reasonably necessary to cure the default. In which event, Contractor must reimburse the Department for the reasonable cost of the Deliverables or Services in default.
Substitute. Chemonics" for "Government" or "United States" throughout this clause.
Substitute. Anyone employed to take the place of a regular member who is temporarily absent for less than ninety (90) consecutive workdays in the same school year. Temporary:
Substitute. A substitute worker is one who is employed on an intermittent basis to fill the position usually occupied by a regular employee during said employee’s absence. Substitute employees employed for more than thirty (30) days of work within any twelve
Substitute a person who is employed to fill a full-time or part-time position on a per diem basis while the regular bargaining unit member is absent or on approved leave. Such members shall not be members of the bargaining unit by virtue of such service.
Substitute. Pursuant to California Education Code § 45103(d)(1), any person employed to replace a classified employee who is temporarily absent from duty, while a position is posted, and/or filling a position for not longer than sixty (60) work days”.
Substitute. An employee, regardless of age, who works on an as-needed basis with no specific or projected schedule and receives substitute rate with no fringe benefits.
Substitute. The term “substitute” shall mean an on-call employee who is deployed to replace a regular or temporary employee on leave or for extra-work.